“Looks like Brutus,” she said.


I didn’t see it, but I didn’t see fit to correct her either.

She pulled it on.

“It’s just a little bit flexible, if you want to bend any bits that are rubbing in the wrong place, or shape it to fit your face better.”

“It’s fine,” she said.  She adjusted her jacket again.

She’s gonna look so cool with that mask on.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s costumes. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing those too in this chapter, when the others arrive. There’s plenty of scrollbar left.

“If you want me to change anything-”


Her refusal was so curt it gave me pause.  I couldn’t tell if she was upset or happy.

If anything she might be upset that there’s nothing to be upset about.

I forced myself to keep my mouth shut.  I’d give her a few seconds to let me know either way.  If she didn’t, I was ready to escape by pointing out that lunch would be waiting for us.

“You made stuff for the others?”

Maybe we’re about to see the other costumes before the others arrive. Though I’m not sure I want to. I’d like to see their reactions too.


“But I didn’t ask for it.  I told you to fuck off when you asked me for my measurements, remember?”

Ah, here we are, though it’s more civil than I was expecting at first.

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