Should friendship even be my goal? Maybe I was better off just trying to be a teammate.

And of course she starts questioning this right when Rachel finally begins to show signs of returning the favor, putting in some effort.

If it was just for my sake, I could probably convince myself.  As it stood, though, I was thinking of Bitch.  I felt like I would be abandoning her to a pretty lonely existence if I didn’t at least try.

Ahh, yeah. That’s certainly something Taylor can relate to and doesn’t wish on anyone else.

Has that been her motivation all along? Because I think I would accept Taylor’s insistence on making Rachel her friend more easily if it had been made more explicit.

I let them into my lair, after sweeping the area with my bugs to check for any observers, unlocking and opening the shutter.  Charlotte had experienced a few sleepless nights since the scare three nights ago, so I’d given her permission to take it easy here, with the warning that I’d have guests and would want her assistance.

Aw, poor Charlotte. She got really freaked by Sugita and now the bad memories are haunting her… 😦

Also, timeframe. Not much time has passed, it seems.

I wonder if Taylor did deal with the Chosen the evening of Interlude 14.

She still looked a little wary as Bitch, Biter, and Barker entered.

Charlotte is on edge and Taylor brings these guests specifically. Ouch.

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