So, is Legend the only good adult hero in Worm so far and do you think he is a better person than Taylor?

Battery was also pretty good.

I think Legend might be a slightly better person than Taylor, though Taylor herself would probably not agree with the “slightly”. I put a lot of stock on intentions, and Legend so far has only had pure intentions of wanting to make the world better with his presence and help people out. Meanwhile Taylor has had mostly good intentions but definitely had to make some shady decisions on her path.

Including the Decision – that was her deciding to go down a path of villainy for her own benefit (in the friendship department). The Decision was sympathetic and narratively satisfying, but I wouldn’t say it was morally good. But even so she did have some good intentions there too, what with Coil’s promises of a better Brockton Bay.

The “slightly” comes from our knowledge of the two. We know more about Taylor’s path, the decisions she’s had to make along the way, her intentions behind those decisions. Chances are Legend has had to make some of those himself, that we don’t know about yet, and maybe never will. So I think they probably come out as about even, short of some big secrets in Legend’s backstory.

Taylor, as mentioned, would probably disagree, because her philosophy is consequence-based. Failing to protect people, or causing unforeseen consequences that harm people, are morally bad in her eyes, and she’s done that a lot. I’m sure Legend too has had such days, but we don’t know about them yet, so it’d just be guesswork and extrapolation if I were to base this on that.

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