So obviously we don’t get to know the mystery woman’s deal yet, but care to guess which singular power would be enough to deal with/delay the whole Triumvirate?

Maybe a selective AoE time-slowing ability? Except the woman seemed nervous, afraid she wouldn’t be able to take them on, suggesting she might not be able to get out in time herself.

Let’s see, what do we have among the Triumvirate… We’ve got flight/lasers/regen, flight/invulnerability/memory, flight/anything.

It could be a form of power canceling, but we’ve already had that power with Hatchet Face, so it’d need a new twist on it.

Ooh, here’s a fun one: Her power isn’t all that strong, she’s just a taxiporter, able to quickly the Triumvirate and herself to somewhere else in or out of the Cauldron compound, allowing the Doctor to escape. Her nervousness might be over the consequences of doing that for her.

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