We have heard about The Number Man before, in a context that might explain some influence if Legend know of that other job of his. From 6.8 when the Undersiders met Coil face to face for the first time, “And before I forget, I arranged individual accounts for each of you with a supervillain banker by the name of The Number Man, as paying for tonight’s job in bills, naturally, was unfeasible.”

Oh! Yeah, it did seem vaguely familiar.

So this means Cauldron has (indirect?) ties to Coil and the Undersiders as well, even if the latter don’t know it. Interesting.

I suppose The Number Man – and by extension Cauldron, depending on how tightly he works with/for them – has the option of freezing the accounts of many supervillains at once if they feel the need to some day.

I also suppose The Number Man has a hand in making sure the payments to Cauldron aren’t trackable.

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