Which left me to deal with her people in the meantime.

That doesn’t make it sound pleasant.

Barker and Biter gave me something of a George and Lennie vibe, with the smaller guy as the brains of the outfit, the larger one as the big oaf.

I can’t say I’m familiar with the specific reference, but it’s a common trope.

While I didn’t have any major clues to Barker’s powers, Biter was clearly a physical powerhouse.  He stood over six feet in height with a severe underbite exaggerated by a metal bear-trap style band of metal around his lower jaw.

Pretty fitting. So does he have any powers related to biting?

His teeth, I saw, were filed into points.  His costume featured spiked knuckle-dusters and a number of leather straps and belts over his clothes.  Each length of leather was studded with sharp spikes.

Are you sure the teeth are filed into points? Maybe that’s part of his power.

Barker was an inch or two shorter than me, his hair and beard cut short enough that there was more skin than hair showing.  His eyes seemed overly large for his face, with heavy lids and folds around them that made him look older than he probably was.

So I was going to suggest dog breeds for the two of them, but it seems like Biter’s characteristic underbite is most common in small dogs like bulldogs, and Barker’s folds seem reminiscent of some big dogs like mastiffs. Bulldogs actually combine the two, being wrinkled and underbitten.

His ‘costume’ consisted of a black sleeveless t-shirt, jeans and tattooing around his mouth.  I’d seen him in something more conventional when Coil had introduced him to us, but now the only sign of his parahuman nature was the faint smoke that curled out of his mouth.

That’s just because of the jalapeños he ate earlier today.

Just going by his lack of bulk and short stature, I thought I might be able to take him in a no-powers fist fight.

Let’s keep in mind that he works for Coil. It’s very possible he’s had training with the Coildiers. Though brute strength does matter in such fights.

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