“I don’t necessarily want to end it,” I said.  “I’m not talking about taking Coil head on, and I do want to preserve my territory, if I can help it.  It’s helping people.”

Oh hey, I sure asked that question just in time.

So basically you want to be sneaky about getting Dinah out?

If it’s a stealth mission, don’t do it at night. Coil has two worlds going all night, so if you do this at night, things will go his way where they can. He’ll likely be present at the base himself.

If it’s manipulation… how?

“So what do you want?” he challenged me.

“For right now?  I mainly wanted to know you’re on my side.  I really appreciate that you are,” I said.  I looked at Bitch and repeated myself, “Really.”

It is good to know, yeah.

Still, though. You didn’t really answer the intended question.

“And for the future?”

“We’ve got an awfully small window,” Lisa said.  “One and a half weeks, roughly, before Dinah’s power is back online.  Once that happens, Coil becomes a thousand times harder to take on.

Oh yeah, good point! Her power being on the fritz does help a lot.

There’s the mayoral elections, the question of whether the city gets condemned-”

…oh hey, did you forget to tell the others about that particular tidbit?

Also, can I just say? With the state of Brockton Bay right now, I’m not sure how much of a difference condemnation makes.

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