“Carol, wake up.”

Are we back to the dark room?

(Which, to be fair, isn’t always dark, that’s just the best name I have for it so far.)

So is that in the past?

Carol stirred.  She was sleeping so much of the time now.

There was a man in the doorway.  Her heart leapt in her chest.

Not the same guy as earlier?

Then he moved the lantern.  A stranger.

“Time’s up,” he spoke, his voice heavily accented.

“Don’t understand,” Sarah spoke, her voice thin.

So Sarah, judging by what Carol said in the other scene and probably previous mentions I’m forgetting right now, is Photon Mom, though this is apparently long before she became a mom.

“Where’s… where’s the other man?” Carol asked.  She felt almost ashamed she didn’t have a better name for him.

“Quiet,” the man snapped.  He moved the hand that wasn’t burdened with the lantern, and Carol could see a knife.

Is this a rescue? But “time’s up” sounds way too ominous for that.

She gasped, or maybe moaned.  It was hard to tell what it was supposed to be, because it was involuntary and her voice caught, making the sound come out more like a yelp or a reedy shriek.  She shrank back.

I suppose he’s holding that knife in a more threatening fashion than I was imagining.

“No, no, no,” Sarah squeaked, shaking her head.

So is this their trigger event? I suppose it would make a ton of sense for a pair of sisters who have been kept in the dark to get light-themed powers.

If we get to see them trigger, we might be in for some Dandelion action, too, which is always interesting.

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