Darkness.  Almost a physical presence, bearing down on her as though she were deep underwater and the weight of all of the water above her was pressing against her head and shoulders.

Alright, so we’ve got a female POV. There go most of my suggestions.

Is this Grue’s darkness, which is indeed a physical presence with a sense of pressure and resistance?

And if so, who would be describing it as if unfamiliar? Are we dealing with a female Coildier here? Except this is not the kind of tactic the Undersiders were going to go for, at least not to begin with.

Civilian bystander?

Some of that was fatigue, some of it was hunger, some was thirst.  She had no idea how much time had passed.

I guess it’s not Grue, then?

Where is this person? Lost in a desert or something?

She might have been able to guess from her period, but her body had decided such would be a waste of precious resources.

Okay, wow, if she’s right about this being the reason and not just “it hasn’t actually been that long”, it’s been pretty damn long.

It hadn’t come, and she had no idea how many weeks or months it had been.

Darkness, so absolute she couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or closed.  As she breathed, it almost felt like the dark was pressing down on her, making exhaling harder with every breath.  It didn’t help that the room smelled like an open sewer mingled with body odor.

Again, the implication that the darkness is a physical thing.

Whatever the case, this gal is clearly not having a great time.

I’d suggest Shatterbird, but from Regent’s Interlude, it doesn’t seem like being under his control should make things like this.

Hmm. I do suppose this sounds a bit like Cherish’s predicament, but a second Cherish Interlude would break what’s been a pretty solid rule so far: No repeat Interludes.

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