And she was back in the dark room, staring at the man.

Alright, so that was short, but very neat. Man, I love the Dandelion scenes.

The betrayer.

Of Hope? Sorry, too much Wheel of Time…

The memory was already fading, but she instinctively knew that whatever had happened to Sarah had just happened to her.

Hell yes. Go, figure out your power!

His gun was spent, which was good, because Sarah had fallen to the ground in the same instant Carol had, and the wall of light was gone.

Carol advanced on him, her emotions so wild and varied and contradictory that she’d seemed to settle into a kind of neutrality, a middle ground where there was only that confused sense of betrayal.

And perhaps purpose?

A weapon appeared in her hands, forged of light and energy and electricity.  Crude, unrefined, it amounted to little more than a baseball bat.

It’s a decent start.

…huh. We’ve seen precisely two people’s Dandelion experiences during their own trigger events (three if you count Battery’s) and they were both young girls who were given the power to summon weapons to fight back against armed captors.

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