Meanwhile, in the present, what’s going on there?

There was a knock on the door.  She looked up.

It was Lady Photon.  Sarah.

Hiya, Photon Mom. Hopefully you’re feeling better in this time. 🙂

“What are you doing here?  I’ve been looking all over.”

Where’s “here”? Still the office?

“I needed a few minutes to myself to think.  Get grounded.”

Sounds like it. Maybe.

Lady Photon gave her a sympathetic look.  She hated that look.

“Why did you want me?”

“We found Tattletale.  In a fashion.  We made contact with her and struck a deal.”


Is Tattletale planning to help them find Amy and Victoria?

Carol didn’t like the sound of that, but she wouldn’t say that out loud.  It would bother her sister, start something.  “What was she asking and what was she offering?”

“She wanted a two-week ceasefire.  The Undersiders won’t give any heroes or civilians any trouble, and we ignore them in exchange.”

Oh, that’s interesting. Sounds like a good idea for the Undersiders, so they can conduct their sneaky business against Coil without heroic interference.

“That gives them time to consolidate, get a firmer hold on the city.”

“Maybe.  I talked to Miss Militia about it, and she doesn’t think they’ll accomplish anything meaningful in that span of time.  The Undersiders have their hands full with white supremacists and some leftover Merchants, the Protectorate and Wards aren’t part of the ceasefire and they’ll be putting pressure on the Undersiders as well.”

So it’s specifically with New Wave, then. Makes sense, I suppose, given that Carol has been looking for them.

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