“I didn’t want her to fight.  And I didn’t want her to follow, or to hate me because I used my power on her again.”

“again”. The cat’s coming out of the basket and Carol isn’t going to be happy.

So… did you do something meant to temporarily restrain Victoria?


“So I thought I’d put her in a trance, and make it so she’d forget everything that happened.

Oh. Ohhh.



Everything that I did, and the things that the Slaughterhouse Nine said, and everything that I said to try to make them go away.  Empty promises and-“

Her voice hitched.

“What happened?” Brandish asked, for the Nth time.

Unless she asked it off-screen, I’m pretty sure this is actually the first time she asked this exact question. She did ask similar ones, though.

“She was lying there, and I wanted to say goodbye.  I- I-“

…did you try to kiss her?

Something in Amy’s voice, her tone, her posture, it provided the final piece, clicking into place, making so many things suddenly come together.

Brandish marched forward, fully intending to walk right past Amy.  Amelia.  His daughter.  She could never be my daughter because she’d never stopped being his.

ow ow ow ow this hurts.

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