“I remember you saying something like that.  But then you had Vicky.”

“I only caved to having Vicky because Mark was there, and I had to think about it for a while.”

Ah, so she was a compromise, not an accident.

“Mark will be there for Amelia too.”

Brandish could have mentioned how Mark was tired all the time, how his promise had proved empty.  She might have mentioned how he was seeing a psychiatrist now, the tentative possibility of clinical depression.  She stayed silent.

That’s more stuff Amy told us about in her Interlude, how she felt like Mark hadn’t been able to do much as a father.

I like how these things are being brought full-circle.

“It’s not just that,” she said.  “You know I have trouble trusting people.  You know why.”

Getting closer to the full truth.

And yeah, this makes a lot of sense, given her experience earlier with


by the man she thought was taking care of them.

The change on Lady Photon’s face was so subtle she almost missed it.

“I’m sorry to bring it up,” Brandish said. “But it’s relevant.  I decided I could have Vicky because I’d know her from day one.  She’d grow inside me, I’d nurture her from childhood… she’d be safe.”

And Amy… wouldn’t be.

Fuck. This is messed up in really understandable and very unfortunate ways.

Wait, did I just describe the entirety of Worm in one sentence?

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