“I’m sorry,” the digitized voice spoke.

Digitized? Dragon?

Or is it just that it’s coming from a phone or video or something?

Carol watched Amy through the window.

Amy seemed to have changed, transformed.  Could Carol interpret that as a burden being lifted?  Relief?  Even if it was only because the very worst had come to pass, and there was nothing left for Amy to agonize over?

Wait, fuck, is it Dragon, talking to Carol because they’ve arrested Amy for what she did to Victoria?

Don’t you fucking dare send her to the Birdcage.

There was shame, of course, horrific guilt.  That much was obvious.  The girl couldn’t meet anyone’s gaze.

“Everyone’s sorry,” Carol spoke, her voice hollow.

Or maybe it’s Amy talking, digitized to prevent powers like Paige’s from affecting the visitors.

“You were saying something about that before,”  Dragon said.  “Are you-?”

Ah, no, I was right the first time.

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