Hey Krix, sorry this is kinda late (I just kinda assumed somebody else would say it), but Dinah’s interlude revealed a limitation on her power that you’ve apparently forgotten about. Ctrl+F the word ‘configuration’ for the relevant paragraph.


*goes a-searching*

She thought, and felt the mosaic shift into a new configuration.  Coil’s face predominated each tiny scene, active, speaking and alive in some, unmoving or dead in the others. “Forty two point seven zero nine percent for the worlds where I don’t die.  Don’t know about the worlds where I’d die first.”

Ohh, right. She needs to live to see the timeline.

That’s actually really big. The apocalypse can’t be stopped in any timeline Dinah can see, but it might be possible that the threat could be stopped before killing a third of the world’s population in some timeline or other where Dinah dies.

I am officially predicting that Dinah will die before this story ends and it might be critical to victory somehow.

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