Hi Krix, your devoted reader ShareDVI here.

First, sorry for confusing you with my ‘end of book 2’ ask – the wrap up of S9 arc is indeed what I meant, based on a one split of Worm into books proposed by a guy on reddit.

(how can you expect the consistent inter-book transitions from a guy who can’t number his interludes right? (jk, but the mess with bonus interludes is caused by Wildbow’s experiments with donation stretch goals, basically))

Hah, fair enough. 😛

Secondly, I updated the spoiler shield extension – it now disables comments completely, also works on all Wildbow’s web serials: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/32012-worm-ward-pact-and-twig-web-serial-comments-spoiler-protector
(tested on Maxthon)

At first I wasn’t sure about this, considering that the way it previously worked was pretty good as far as I knew – no chance of spoilers except from Word of God and comments based on Word of God when it blocks anything posted after the next chapter – but upon further consideration, I wasn’t reading the comments anyway (though I was tempted to after this last Interlude) and I think this will make the scroll bar a decent indicator of how much chapter is left again.

Extending it to the other serials is definitely pretty good, though! You should totally send that link to Kat and Quow (and Nick, for Worm) too, if you haven’t already. 🙂

(Maybe they’re why you made that change?)

Lastly – I once sent you an ask about this, but it got spamfiltered – i mirror your liveblog for personal use in Telegram at https://t.me/krixwell_worm, the quotes are a bit messed up, but at least I don’t have to use tumblr that way.

Huh, alright. No objections from me there!

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