So, what do you think about Amy’s decision to go to the bird cage? Ignoring your obvious disappointment at her taking herself out of the story (at least for the time being, I’m not saying whether or not she’ll re-appear later). What do you think her main reasons for doing it were? Atonement for Victoria? Preventing herself from possibly doing something worse sometime in the future? Just wanting to give up? Intentionally going to Marquis? Something else?

All of the above.

I am disappointed that we’ll be deprived of Amy, but it’s a really solid ending (for now) for her, one that makes a ton of sense for her character. I can’t complain.

Do you think it was the right choice? Did she have any better options? What would you have done in her situation?

I don’t think she should’ve done it, but I very much understand why she did. She didn’t really need to do it if you ask me, but from her perspective, there wasn’t much else she could do.

If I were in her situation… I don’t know. I mean, it’s a situation brought on largely by her own compromised state of mind. Would I have a similar state of mind? If so, I have no idea what I might do, really. If not, how did I end up in the situation?

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