What do you think about the fact that one apparently can just ask to go to the Birdcage? And that Dragon is “mastered” into following the law and did it anyway? Amy’s thoughts probably went like this: I did horrible things -> I am a villain -> I go to the Birdcage, because that’s where villains go, like my father. I think she does it in part to lessen her guilt, somehow atone for her fuckups. Do you think she will be happier, or regret it and feel trapped? Will Marquis’s presence help?

Yeah, that’s absolutely how her thought process went. I don’t think I ever actually questioned why she’d do it, knowing her.

The only real question I have about her thought process is whether or not she wanted to meet Marquis in the Birdcage or went “well, that’s gonna suck, but I deserve that fate. we’re both horrible people so I guess we belong together”.

I do think that she’ll find herself happier than she thought she’d be with Marquis. He’s a good guy, for all his villainy.

The other people around them aren’t that great, perhaps, but I feel like they might want to avoid messing with Marquis’ daughter unless they can take him on too.

Feeling trapped? Sure, that might happen. And she might regret giving up the outside world. But she might be happy nonetheless.

Besides, feeling trapped is really nothing new for her.

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