Between 2.1-2.2


Heck no, Armsmaster is obviously Nathan Fillion! Also, on Lies of Omission, they’re a thing because implication is an intrinsic part of language and communication. Doc Scratch is lying to himself, selectively leaving parts of communication out and pretending they’re invalid is basically like speaking your own nonsense language that sounds like English and getting mad that people are interpreting your words like they actually sound. (sorry, pet peeve)

Oooh, Nathan Fillion! I like that! Really fits for what we know of Armsy’s personality so far, too.

(Homestuck spoilers below this point)

And yeah, I mostly agree with you. I was being sort of facetious with the Doc Scratch references – he’s clearly just being his usual smug self, who thinks that because he’s mostly omniscient, he’s always objectively right, which (perhaps surprisingly) isn’t the case.

My definition of lying is generally something like “Making statements for the purpose of intentionally misleading the listener.” Scratch’s M.O. definitely fits that definition.

Still, there is some truth to what he says. Not telling someone the full truth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lying, even by omission – as he says, that would be an assessment based on a kind of entitlement to the facts. For example, Taylor’s teacher doesn’t really have an intrinsic right to know that Taylor is a superhero, so if Taylor avoids saying anything that would indicate it, that doesn’t really qualify as lying in my book. (Any direct falsehoods said to preserve the secret would still be lies, though, but probably just white or gray ones at worst.)

Of course, the question then becomes “who or what decides who has a right to know”. I don’t have a universal answer for that.

Scratch stretches that kind of thinking as far as it suits him, considering himself the only one with a right to know all the facts, all of them. That way, he can happily fool people who really do have a need to know all the facts about a topic.

He does mention that Doc Scratch isn’t his real name. Maybe it’s Doc Stretch?

[end of Homestuck spoilers]


How does the saying go in Norwegian?

Uten mat og drikke duger helten ikke!

Just checked google to see if “insinuation” had some bug-related meaning. Apparently, it’s “the act or process of insinuating; a creeping, winding or flowing in”.

Ooh, that’s interesting. I should’ve thought of doing that myself.

So insinuating can mean… something like what happened in 1.1, with the bugs flowing into the bathroom in large amounts?

*looks it up himself to see if the other definitions can give more context*

4. the art or power of stealing into the affections and pleasing; ingratiation: He made his way by flattery and insinuation.

5. Archaic. a slow winding, worming, or stealing in.

Seems like it’s in the sense of… Gaining the favor of a group through asskissery? Doesn’t sound like Taylor’s style. Maybe it’s about Emma and how she ended up as leader of the Bitch Trio?

Another option would be Taylor insinuating into the Protectorate’s ranks, but a) it’s not her style, b) she’s been invited and doesn’t need to be sneaky about it, and c) she’s explicitly indicated interest in not joining the Wards.

It makes much more sense for it to be about Emma. Man, all of a sudden I’m actually kind of interested in learning more about her.

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