Between 2.3-2.4

“I felt kind of embarrassed too, like I had walked into a door and someone was trying way too hard to make sure I was okay. Why would that make you embarrassed? Because they’re making it seem like a bigger issue? Because they care about you?” I took it as Taylor is so used to doing with this on her own, that acknowledging she might actually need help is difficult and makes her feel embarrassed.

That makes sense, yeah.


watching this liveblog has been so surreal because I literally forgot that the high school drama was ever a serious issue that we spent time and energy on. It’s pretty amazing.


It’s nice to know that it doesn’t stick around as a major issue throughout the story. This much I knew from the start – I’m a little bit concerned about the alternative, “bombed out city”, though… Oh shit, there’s a high tech bomber character. Here’s hoping it’s not literal.

Anyway, as I was saying, it’s nice to know it’s not a main conflict throughout the story, but at least it’s getting more bearable.


You may or may not wish to find a title other than bitches (especially with a capital B) to call these girls, simply because there is an established character called Bitch and this could get confusing.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking for a few chapters now, but I didn’t really know what else to call them (other than the weaksauce “the Trio”, used once in either 1.1 or 1.2, or the generic “the bullies”) until the description of them as “harpies” in 2.3.


The reason for the preference for “a quick escape” in that sort of scenario is most likely that it involves the implication of danger, whereas the others you listed generally mean “leaving quickly” in different ways that fall short of that implication. Semantics and pragmatics are fun like that.

Gotta love linguistics. Even though some of its processes can yield… frustrating results.

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