Between 2.4-2.5

I just want to point out, about Mr Gladly’s action… there is a HUGE difference between “I’ve noticed bullying is probably going on but student won’t come forward about the bullies because being a snitch would make their situation worse” and “Oh hey, bullying is happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I can see who’s responsible, she doesn’t even need to ask for help, I can just step in because I’m a teacher and I have functional eyes and ears.”

Yeah. Even if I was right about his motivation, which I’m not sure I was, what he did was not the right thing.

Oh god, I laughed so hard at “The Harpiate”. 10/10, will always call them so.

Hehe, glad you liked it!

Hi, I just wanted to share how happy I am that there are regular updates these days. I’m checking every evening if there’s something new and you cannot imagine how happy I am that there is! 🙂

I’m rather pleased with it too, and hope to keep it up!

Although – minor announcement – I might start splitting some chapters across two days soon, as 4-5 hour blogging sessions get a little exhausting towards the end. However, since I already make sure to take some days off for that exact reason, it shouldn’t change the pace that much. In fact, it’ll probably make the pace a tiny bit quicker, as I’ll more often be up for a two hour session than a four hour.


How committed are you to this particular style of liveblogging? If this takes up too much time, or the chapters get longer, would you consider only posting reactions to an entire chapter? I like the way you’re doing it, but I don’t want you to get bored or burnt out. Mostly, I just hope you enjoy the story and have the time and inclination to finish it.

Reacting to entire chapters is not really my style. I’d lose a lot of the bits that make liveblogging fun for me, and a lot of times it would wind up as basically a summary of the chapter.

Simply put, it feels more like a review than a liveblog with that approach, and to me, liveblogging is the most fun part.

I’ll probably be taking other measures to avoid a burnout, though, such as break days and splitting chapters between days.

4-5 hours to live blog a single chapter does sound pretty intense. It’s a huge time investment. Have you considered reaching to larger sections at once? I enjoy your smaller reactions, since you can focus on individual lines, but it seems like larger chunks would be much easier on you.

I’m sure they would be, yes, but on the other hand, I’m prone to sort of sliding through a work of fiction and don’t take time to theorize and pick up on things. Liveblogging is helping me to stop and think more about what the text just said, and by liveblogging in-depth, I end up considering the text more in-depth too.

There’s also the way I just write about what I think as I read it; most of the lines make me think something, and I feel like much of it has a place in the liveblog.

That said, I’m guessing the granularity will decline a little over time. Depends somewhat on where the story goes.

11/303 chapters complete. :3

That’s… actually better progress than I thought! With a word count I’ve been told to be 1.6 million I’m not sure exactly how many chapters I was imagining there’d be, but 303 actually feels like it’s on the low side.

Then again, it’s still a lot of chapters, and I have been repeatedly told they get longer. But I guess I’ll just have to deal with that when (/if) I get there!

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