Between 2.5-2.6

Though your pacing is entirely up to you, I am definitely concerned that we’ll get situations where you read 90% of a chapter on one day and 10% on the next day.

Yeah, that is a concern. But if something like that happens, I’m not going to be like “welp, that was short, see you next time” – I’ll almost certainly be starting the next chapter to make up for it.

I see that someone has told you you’ve done 11/303 chapters. Here are some more precise statistics. The first 11 chapters are 26,000 words total. Worm is 1,680,000 words long. So 11/303 chapters makes it sound like you’ve completed 3.63% of Worm. 26,000/1,680,000, however, is 1.54%, less than half that. I hope that isn’t too much of a blow to your sense of progress. 😛

I was aware that chapters are getting longer, though it’s nice to have more specific perspective.

I am a little sad that you know word count and a chapter count. While not a spoiler in itself, this knowledge still influences reader’s perception of any story. It’s like an Interface Spoiler making it impossible to fool reader with Disc One Final Boss or similar things 😀 Anyway, you are probably the most… how to say it?… unspoiled reader of Worm I have ever seen, and I greatly enjoy your liveblog because of all speculations caused by this.

This is true. Interface spoilers are a bit unfortunate. That’s why I never check how many chapters I have left of an arc or anything like that. Though I have to say, it is kind of nice to have some perspective on how long the story is going to be.

At least I’m not going to be doing the math to see which chapter I’m at overall, so by the time I get like a hundred chapters in, I’ll have no idea exactly how many chapters I have left unless someone tells me. Word count will be even easier to not keep track of.

Just don’t tell me how many arcs there are.

And yeah, I basically decided to liveblog Worm having no idea what it was about, on a bit of a whim. I knew that it was long (though not yet that it was twice as long as Homestuck) and that a lot of people were recommending it to established livebloggers, and that’s pretty much it. Though I was told in the process of making the decision that “it moves on from high school drama to the much more pleasant bombed out city soon enough”.

Since then I’ve been unspoiled for the most part. It helps that we established a #worm_spoilers channel on the Loreweaver Discord, which I can’t even see in the list, and that I’ve got Sharks to screen my asks for me. (Thanks, Sharks!)

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