Between 2.6-2.7

Which of the people/groups whose names you learned in Insinuation 2.6 [Faultline’s Crew, the Empire Eighty-Eight, Glory Girl, Aegis and Circus] do you think is going to be the most immediate threat to Taylor and the Undersiders?

You missed Alexandria!

I’m thinking Faultline’s Crew could be an issue down the line, but for most immediate threat, I actually think Circus is a strong contender, what with how her hostile attitude was built up. Then again, she might just want to be left alone.

If it’s one of the heroes, I’m thinking either Alexandria or Aegis. Glory Girl doesn’t actually sound very threatening!

(And I’m probably gonna have to eat my words on that one at some point.)


Your liveblogging might be going faster in chapters with more character interaction rather than just worldbuilding. Which makes sense. There is more “REACT” to dialogues, which takes smaller space, versus the “THEORIZE” when worldbuilding comes up.

That makes sense. I can feel there’s a difference between the two when I liveblog, and I honestly really prefer the dialogues. Narration is fine, but dialogue has more character(s) – literally.

That doesn’t fully explain chapter 2.5, though. Besides the forum posts and the short conversation with the lady at the end, there was very little dialogue in that chapter.

Anyway, now it’s just a matter of not getting sued by the Fine Bros! 😉


I’m really enjoying reading his thoughts. The style of blogging makes it more interesting as he picks apart each concept as it is introduced – definitely more analytical than I was on my first read through.


[Reddit] Swaggy:

I really like his reactions. It’s also interesting to see stuff I’ve missed on my first readthrough. My only complaint is how slow the update rate is but heh, what can you do.

This is a big part of why I do this! I tend to not stop to analyze the works enough when I’m reading archivally, and then when I read liveblogs I start wishing I had done that. Liveblogging forces me to stop and think, and it’s greatly enhancing my experience.

Apart from the much longer time it takes to get through a chapter, of course. That part is unfortunate, but it’s bound to happen when you stop to think and write down your thoughts sev’ral timez per paragraph. It’s kind of self-inflicted, so I’m fine with it personally.

[Reddit] maroon_sweater:

Not OT, but I worked with a Norwegian at my last assignment, and I read Krixwell’s blog in his voice. I can just hear the snark and the accent come through.

Excellent. 😀


It’s kind of late, but: if he’ll neither sip nor sup, the hero never measures up. Without a drink and hearty meal, a hero’s deeds shan’t be real. A heaping plate, a quenching brew, or the hero just won’t do. Eat his fill and down his ale, or else the hero won’t prevail. Unfed and unwatered, the hero will be slaughtered. Food and drink are lovely nice, a hero without can never suffice. Sate his hunger, quench his thirst, or the hero does his worst!

Excellent! You’re good at this.

[Though I’m not sure ale is the best thing for a hero to be downing before attempting heroic deeds… then again, apparently it was an important source of nutrition in the Middle Ages.]

[Discord] mackanj01:

ey @A Regular (Sharks)peare tell your buddy krix that if he doesn’t update soon i’ll hop over the border and find him


Good luck!

But yeah, I’ll see what I can do.

r u ok

Yeah, don’t worry. I’m just a bit caught up in school work at the moment, though it doesn’t help that I’m still recovering from winter vacation wrecking my sleep schedule.

Anyway, it shouldn’t last for much longer. I should be back sometime next week at the latest.

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