Between I2-3.1

Unless I’m missing something, all of the “transvestite” stuff from 2.2 has been removed. Just thought you’d want to know.

Oh hey, you’re right! Before:

Mrs. Knott was a tallish, broad shouldered and strong jawed woman. She kind of looked like a caricature of a transvestite with her long blond hair and trying-too-hard-to-be-girly dress and blouse. You just had to imagine her with stubble on her chin or hairy legs and she was the image of a man doing a very bad job at passing as a woman.

She was an alright teacher though; she was usually content to give us advanced students an in-class assignment and then focus on the more rambunctious majority for the rest of the class.


Mrs. Knott was an alright teacher, if not the most hands on; she was usually content to give us advanced students an in-class assignment and then focus on the more rambunctious majority for the rest of the class.

Good work, Wildbow.

Granted, now there’s no description of what she looks like, but that’s better than what was there before.


Panacea is a term for something that can heal all injuries/illnesses.


Panacea was a Greek goddess of healing. Later it was the name given by alchemists to a hypothetical universal remedy. As a modern English word it means “a cure-all, either physical medication or a solution to a problem”.

Ah, nice, that fits very well. 🙂


I think Panacea not being able to bring people back from the dead makes a fair bit of sense when you consider that the human body is a superbly intricate constantly self-sustaining a system. From a practical perspective “death” is the point where that system breaks down and gives in to entropy. The amount of reconstructive work you’d have to do to get it operational again, especially in the brain area, skyrockets real fast after the heart stops pumping.

True. Sometimes a robot breaks so hard it can’t realistically be repaired.

In particular, you raise a good point with “self-sustaining” – the various parts of the human body keep each other running, so you’d pretty much have to start them all up simultaneously to have a chance of getting the system working again.

That being said, I think if you do somehow get the system working again, it will be the same person who died, and they’ll be fully alive. People who believe in souls might have a different perspective on that.


If Krixwell posts another test I think I might have a stroke. No pressure, just sayin’.

After “hey I’m test” and “I’m also test”, I did consider posting “and we’re the test tests!”…

Fortunately for your cardial health, though, I didn’t actually need a third test post.

Congrats on finishing arc 2! I must say, out of three readthroughs of the Worm I’m following, yours is the most enjoyable. The only thing I want to see a little more often is predictions. I really like the amount of other speculations, like powers of mentioned-but-not-yet-appeared characters and other similar things)

Thank you! I’ll see what I can do 🙂


Hey, I was just wondering if Krixwell wanted to see fan art of the characters to better visualize them. Obviously the fan art would need to be run through someone else to avoid spoilers, but I know I like having a visual representation when I’m reading something. And even though there aren’t any official Worm images, there are some really well done fan images out there. It could help him, especially with regards to costumes.

I’m pretty terrible at visualizing and remembering people’s appearances from textual descriptions, so this could be very, very helpful! Feel free to send links or submissions to the screener blog @ask-krixwell-reads-worm and I’ll take a look if Sharks approves!

[This url is outdated. See the site menu for a link to the current screener blog.]

First piece of Worm fanart sent to me, by @john-loves-broadway! It’s beautiful and I love it. Thank you!

I particularly like how Grue looks, and the way his power is portrayed. There’s sort of a Tim Burton-esque feel to all of them, thanks in part to the relatively large eyes, but it especially suits him. I really like Tattletale’s outfit too.

Another detail I enjoy is the visible blood veins in Bitch’s eyes, making her look somewhat mad in both senses of the word. It suits her so well. Kind of makes her look more Hyperbole and a Half than Tim Burton, but again, that suits her. 🙂


Are there any characters in particular you’d like fanart of/are having trouble remembering the look of?

Like with a lot of my reading comprehension, liveblogging is actually helping me remember better because I pay more attention. That said, there are probably a lot of characters I could use a better visualization of, but I’m not quite sure who.

Have I gotten a physical description of Oni Lee, Bakuda and/or Mr. Gladly yet? If I have, I don’t remember them, so maybe those three are good candidates.

But yeah, feel free to send fanart of basically any character I’ve gotten a physical description of!



So krixwell how are you liking Worm so far?

Krixwell, I mean, uh,:

It’s pretty good. The worldbuilding and characterization are very thorough and believable, and I’ve found both quite engaging. 😀

As for plot, it’s shaping up to become a lot more interesting than it currently is. This is just the beginning of the War for the Docks, and I’m getting introduced to new heroes and villains left, right and center, who each will likely leave their own unique impression on the story in due time.

Which is not to say that the plot so far isn’t interesting too. I will say it’s a bit predictable at this point, but in a good way.

(Disclaimer: While I’m answering this question that was asked on Discord, I’d prefer if all questions about Worm were sent through the ask blog.)

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