Between 3.2-3.3


The three e’s mean Empire Eighty Eight, which can also be abbreviated as EEE.


The three Es stand for Empire Eighty Eight

Ah, right, that makes sense. Thanks!

I’m not sure exactly sure if there’s any official standards for what could be called a town, but I grew up between two places with populations of 6,000 and 800, and we called them both towns.

I guess my hometown does qualify as a town, then, by your standards. I think the population of the town proper is around 5-6000.

A thing I learned while doing karate, which a martial art much more focused on reactive defense rather than passive defense, so no arms up to protect the face as punch unless it’s done with the backmost hand: to put strength in a pinch, pull the opposite shoulder back as you extend the arm. That’s where the punch’s stength comes from. It’s also much more effective to imagine your punch pass through the target instead of impacting with it. That’s how people punch wooden boards in half.

*tries the opposite shoulder thing*

Ah yeah, I can feel this working even though I’m not actually punching anything other than the poor sweet air that hasn’t done me any wrong. It makes sense, I suppose – essentially rotating the line between the shoulders around the neck adds speed to the outer ends (the shoulders) and therefore force to the punch.

And hey, it sets you up nicely for an even more powerful second strike with the other arm, doesn’t it?

‘Come to think of it, that’s an odd expression. Why would a sore thumb stick out any more than a healthy thumb?’ Answer: If you’re hammering a nail and your thumb sticks out, shortly it will be sore.

That seems a bit temporally backwards, but I suppose it works.

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