Between 3.6-3.7

Let’s take a look at the large ask pile I got after chapter 3.5!


A while back, there was a series of posts re-imagining the characters of Worm in the Miraculous Ladybug universe and vice versa, with accompanying fan art. Not linking to it, because it references some future developments in worm, but it’s out there.

Nice to hear I’m not alone in seeing the parallels!

Yeah Earth Aleph is “our” Earth, most info on it come from WoG but we do know it’s very close to reality. Except for minor differences which I don’t believe to be spoilery but better safe than sorry.

Nice. And yeah, minor differences are to be expected, especially considering that Earth-Aleph shares one thing with Wormverse Earth that our Earth (to my knowledge) doesn’t: They’re in contact with another universe.


Would Krix be up to keep a log of predictions in a Google Doc or similar? I know at least one livebloggish thing that’s doing something like that and I think it would be interesting.

Sorry. Even ignoring the fuzzy borders for what should go in such a doc, that seems like a lot of work that I would quickly end up neglecting.

I forgot how much of a sudden bomb was the “alternate Earths” thing here in Worm. It left me quite speechless for a rather long time that it was just a detail of “Yeah, we’re in contact with other worlds. Deal with it.”

Yeah, that came out of nowhere and I loved it. It was just so matter-of-fact. Really puts into perspective what kind of world Taylor lives in.

[And that’s the genius of it. In the last chapter I read before starting the migration, Interlude 15c, I learned that Professor Haywire’s experiment happened quite early after the rise of parahumans began. This hole between realities has thus been a thing for almost twice Taylor’s lifespan so far, so it’s just as much a regular fact of life to her as, say, cell phones existing. She was born into a world that had been in contact with another one for over a decade, and never had the personal experience we have of the multiverse thing ever being a big, fat question mark for humanity. When she grew up, it was a well-established fact.]

Krix! Lighten up my day with some Agitation!

I hope I’ve successfully lightened up your day!

I am curious, what do the Norwegians do on the National Day? National day of my country is boring with pretty much nothing happening. Also, about the liveblog. I noticed that you never check the name of the next chapter, but maybe it is not the best approach? With checking it, it would be possible to do arc thoughts in addition to chapter thoughts after the last chapter of the arc, and you could also speculate about the meaning of the name of the next arc.

17th of May is a pretty big deal here in Norway. It’s celebrated with parades, fancy outfits and lots of flag waving. The children’s parade usually has them singing various nationalistic/patriotic songs from the 1800s/early 1900s, not to mention the national anthem, “Ja vi elsker”. There are generally orchestras in the parades too, and there’s a lot of sound – music, whistles, cheers, and so on.

The russ, which I was this year, end their 2-3 weeks of shenanigans on May 17, participating in the civilian parades with their own section and their russ vehicles. They also tend to write joking text on brown paper and attach it to shop windows, the jokes usually pertaining to the shops.

On TV, the major national channels NRK and TV2 air live coverage of May 17 celebration across the country all day.

As for arc thoughts… You may have a point there. The way I’ve been doing it so far, I’ve covered the speculation on the new arc’s name in the first chapter’s opening post, but there hasn’t been much opportunity for retrospectives on the arc that passed.

The opening posts and not checking the next chapter’s name were both things I decided on back in 1.1, when I didn’t know that the chapters didn’t have individual titles, and since then, the latter has just led to “is this the end of the arc or does it continue with the next chapter” becoming a repeated question in the chapter ending posts.

I suppose I could give looking at the next chapter’s title a try and then see what I’ll do going forward when I’ve gotten past the end of Agitation!

I think search is broken. Miss Militia and Triumph were mentioned in 3.2. I don’t think Dauntless was ever mentioned before, but maybe my very good memory is not good enough.


Triumph was mentioned in the planning for the bank robbery. He used to be part of the Wards, but he recently graduated to the Protectorate.

Thank you for verifying that I’m not crazy just yet!

If Grue was the murderer, wouldn’t it have shown up when Taylor researched him?

Maybe. Maybe not. The wiki isn’t necessarily accurate or complete – hell, we know explicitly that Brian has edited his own page. He could easily have removed anything about him killing anyone, or it could just never have been added in the first place.

I suppose maybe Taylor would’ve been able to find it from other sources, but she didn’t seem to look anywhere other than the wiki and the forums.

Wait… Why the hell would Armsmaster have been investigated? His testimony should have cleared him in the first five minutes; the only things he hit Lung with were tranquilizers.

I mean, his own testimony couldn’t singlehandedly clear him, unless the judges had unfoolable lie detection or some power or technology that forces people to tell the truth. That would mean letting anyone who says “I didn’t do it” go free.

So instead they had to check whether he was actually capable of doing what he was charged with (rotting a man’s dick off), thus having to confiscate his Halberd.

An advice for you when you read Worm (glad you read it and do a liveblog for it because it truly is a great story). Don’t skip dialogues, flashbacks or whatever scenes you might not find interesting at first (especially Interludes). Everything is informative and adds something new to the action, characters or even the world building. Also, hope you’ll not give up on story, as a friend of me did, because she found some scenes being too horrible/demented and couldn’t bring herself to read further.

Oh, don’t worry – I’ve never understood the kind of person who would skip ahead in a story on the first read/watch/listen/whatever. That’s just dumb, even more so when you’re doing a liveblog.

There’s a reason I’m quoting everything on the blog, except for one paragraph that was forgotten in the drafts back in 1.1 or 1.2.

When I was talking about skipping before and after 3.5, I wasn’t talking about me skipping anything – I was suspecting (for some reason) that Wildbow would be skipping over the Armsmaster conversation at first and then bringing back the results of it during the heist. That was based on a naïve assumption that it would go the way Taylor wanted.

On the point of giving up on the story – I can’t make any promises, but if I do ever stop reading Worm without finishing it, I doubt it will be for that reason.

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