Between 3.12-I3

Since insects are rather, y’know, relevant to this blog, I feel like I should mention this here:

I’ve previously mentioned that I have had a phobia of insects for a while (about nine years). Today, I saw a hypnotist about it! I don’t know for sure if it worked yet, as I’ve yet to encounter any phobia-triggering insects after the appointment, but I have a good feeling about this. 🙂

I just realized: Kaiser can’t be Panacea’s father unless he originally had a different villain identity. Tattletale said Panacea’s father was sent to the Birdcage, and Glory Girl later claimed that nobody had ever escaped (or, it was implied, been released from) that prison. If she’s right, he can’t be someone currently on the loose; if she’s wrong, the man must’ve stayed low or changed his villain identity. Otherwise Glory Girl would most likely be aware of the exception.

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