Between 3.8-3.9


N-nani?? Another liveblog???? So soon????????

My first step towards world domination! They never saw it coming, that I, Krixwell Jace, had what it took! And now… it is all going according to keikaku. Mwahahahaha!


Oh my god you’ve finally made it to the bank robbery. Somehow. I’ve been waiting for this. ❤ Krix, you beautiful… um… … question. What’s your national animal?

I’m a beautiful question? Aw, thanks! 😉

As for national animal… uhh… hang on, gotta look that up. I think it might be the moose or something but I don’t know.

Alright, here’s what I’ve found: Some radio polls have found that it’s the moose, but other sources say it’s the white-throated dipper (which at the very least is the national bird, that much people agree on), the fjord horse or even the lion (because it’s on the royal coat of arms).

I personally think the moose is a better candidate than any of those, though.

Really cool art of the hero lineup from the end of 3.8 (minus Browbeat and whoever is hanging out on the roof), made by YunYunHakusho!

In particular, I really like the coloration and shading in this – good work! Also the placement of the heroes relative to each other, which makes for a much more dynamic shot than if they were just standing on a line.

Hm… If I were to guess, I wouldn’t say they were outside the central bank – it looks more like a runway for airplanes. Maybe that’s Vista’s power at work? If that’s the intended effect, that’s another nice touch. 🙂

I’ve never actually dialed a country code. Turns out the United States’ country code is 1. In the US, we have 10 digit phone numbers (not counting the country code). The first three digits are an area code, and the last seven are the local number. We used to just be able to dial the last seven digits to make a local call, but that isn’t an option where I live anymore.

Yeah, country codes are generally unnecessary unless it’s an international call, so I’ve used them very rarely myself.

It makes a lot of sense for the US to have two digits longer phone numbers – you do have 61.8 times our population, after all.

(keikaku means plan by the way)

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