Between I3-4.1


Arc 3, along with [censored] are considered by the fandom to be the soft and hard cap (respectively) on the “if you don’t one it by this point…” bits in the story. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it, Krix. 🙂

Oh yeah, things are definitely getting good now, and some of the main themes are becoming clearer – “knowledge is power”, and “parahumans are people with powers, and people are flawed”. I can absolutely see this being one of those points in the story.

OH, yeah: you will definitely need to see someone if that phobia doesn’t go away. Since I’ve finished Worm I’ve been, like, hyper aware towards insects of any nature. I always notice that one ant on the wall, I always identify correctly the number of spiders on a web outside of the window, and I always manage to identify and dispose of mosquitos before they land on me. It’s almost a curse, but it’s dope as hell. Almost makes me feel like I’ve got some powers myself.

Heh, cool!

I still haven’t had a chance to test it against any of the major triggers (wasps, bees, other large flying insects), but I do think the hypnosis worked! I act very differently around smaller insects – house flies, mosquitoes, etc – now, and feel more confident in general.

(The hypnotist and I came to the conclusion that lack of control was key to why it was specifically flying insects that freaked me out, so during the hypnosis itself, it sounded like he was trying to make me feel more in control in other contexts too.)

Not to put your hypnotist in a bad situation, but you SHOULD be fucking terrified of wasps. They are finely honed weapons of mass destruction, capable of fucking up environments and societies. If you see one, kill it at the cost of your life, and you’ll have done an enormous favor to mother nature. Just don’t confuse them for bees. Bees are bros.

But if I’m fucking terrified of them, how will I get close enough, or brave enough, to kill them? Trust me, I’ve spent almost a decade evacuating any room with a wasp in it.

(To be fair, though, the wasp that originally stung me was acting in defense of its hive, which I didn’t know was there until I stuck my hand too close to it.)


I noticed that you’re a fan of Homestuck (I’m also a fan myself). I want to ask you (and you can tell me if you want) what is your opinion about the ending (a part of fan doesn’t like it) and if you have favorite characters.


[There was a readmore here when this was a separate post on Tumblr. Here, you’ll have to settle for scrolling down to the next bolded bit if you want to skip the Homestuck ending spoilers.]




I’m not really sold on the ending, but I’m also inclined to think it was intentionally unsatisfying.

There’s significant evidence suggesting Caliborn wrote it, and everything after the retcons mirrors Homosuck Act 2 and 3.

It’s also almost explicitly stated in the comic that Caliborn is behind Collide (see the linked post), and Collide is very much an opposite to Cascade, which was a masterful ending to the first half of the story.

As for characters, well… Every single character in the comic is a dork and I love them all, but Kanaya, Karkat and especially Roxy are at the top. John is the one I relate to the most, though – it might not be a coincidence that my OTP is Roxygen.




[Okay you can come back now!]

I’m really enjoying your live blog, I think you add a lot to the story. But, you know that if you keep up the pattern you’ve been doing with your blogs, you’re gonna be at Work for a loooooooong time, right? I don’t really mind, it just seems like a lot

Glad to hear you enjoy it!

And yeah, this project’s gonna take a while, that’s for sure. I mean, I have yet to see a complete Homestuck liveblog that wasn’t caught up before the ending, and Worm is about twice as long going by word count.

I intend to go as far as I can, though, and ideally right up to the end!

I also have a pretty bad phobia of… something that Taylor can control. In my case, it is worms, maggots, centipedes, caterpillars – pretty much anything that crawls. I even remember that the name of the story kinda made me uneasy at first 😀

No wonder! I’d be rather skeptical of starting a story that sounded like it was going to be about wasps, I think.

See, I went into Worm without thinking much about what the title implied (though one might notice that I speculated about the city becoming overrun by worm monsters or something back in 1.1; not sure how explicit I made that), or really knowing anything about the involvement of insects.

It’s really helped that the whole thing is non-visual, at least.

But yeah, having a phobia is no fun, and I wish you the best of luck with getting through it!

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