Between 4.1-4.2

As of now, if you do 1 arc per week, you’ll finish Worm in a WHOPPING 4 YEARS AND 5 MONTHS HOLY SHIT I DID NOT THINK THAT NUMBER WOULD BE THAT HIGH!

That’s a pretty long time, but consider this:

One arc per week is not a realistic estimate unless the arcs get significantly shorter, considering how I never (at least not thus far) do more than one chapter a day and how I deliberately avoid liveblogging two days in a row in an effort to prevent burning myself out on Worm. As long as I stick to those things, the highest amount of chapters you can expect per week is four.

So yeah… this is gonna take a while.

[In one week, not per week. If I kept up the pattern that would result in this maximum value for multiple weeks, it’d average out to 3.5, because every other week I’d only be doing three chapters.]


The person who referred to “one arc per week” was doing the math wrong; that actually assumes one *chapter* per week. At four chapters per week, you’ll be going another 17 months, give or take.


I’m not sure what that anon means? If you read 1 arc per week starting from arc 4 it would only take you another 6-7 months. If you read 1 chapter per week starting from here it would take you a bit over 5 years. Maybe 1 chapter per week is what they meant?


That guy talking about how long it would take you to finish misworded something. That “4 years” number would be accurate – if you read one *chapter* per week. Depending on how you count, you’re somewhere between 5 and 15% of the way through, and you’ll probably be done by this time next year as long as nothing causes major scheduling issues



I’m pretty sure the last ask meant one chapter per week. If you managed an arc per week it’d be less than a year.


Cheer up: the previous asker confused arc and chapter. You would take more than 4 years at one chapter per week. If you manage 3-4 chapters per week, it will take less than 2 years!


Someone recently told you that it would take you 4 years and 5 months to finish Worm if you did 1 arc per week. I don’t know what the hell kind of math they were using, but that is not at all accurate. Worm would need 212 more arcs for that to work, and while I won’t tell you how many arcs Worm has left, it definitely isn’t that many.



At a rate of 4 chapters per week it’ll take 65.75 weeks. Just over a year. I’m not sure what kind of math the other person did, because 1 arc per week would mean you’d be done in less than a year. Anyhow, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far!


4 years and five months at an arc per week? But my math says that even if he only finishes an arc every month, it’ll still only be two years and change. Let alone the idea of doing this for only 26 more WEEKS.

Oh, good, sounds a lot more manageable this way. This would certainly explain why they didn’t expect the result to be that high!

[I love how all these corrections still ended up with wildly varying estimates.]

Hello! I found this from the parahumans reddit and your review looks fun so far. I don’t know if someone already told you this, since i’ve only finished your review of the first arc, but there is an official name pronunciation, but of course, if you look at it, you will learn the names of some upcoming characters. For example, Hebert is pronounce “Hee-bert”.

Oh, sweet. Hebert is pretty much the only one I’ve been significantly unsure how to pronounce so far, so that’s a very helpful example you picked there.

I’ll refrain from looking at the rest of it, of course, but it’s neat to know it exists!

[Of course, I totally managed to forget about the pronunciation of Hebert again after this.]

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