Between 4.4-4.5


Any chance for a krixwell marathon of chapter reads?

You mean like multiple chapters in one day?

It’s not very likely to happen, because it usually takes me 3-5 hours to do one chapter, and even if I do have time after it, I’ll usually be a bit too tired to take on another chapter and not risk getting exhausted. I’ve actually considered splitting up more sessions because I notice a dip in the quality of my commentary towards the end of the chapters.

I suppose it could happen some day if I start early and feel especially pumped, but as a general rule of thumb, no.

(Chapters on consecutive days is something I’d be more willing to do, especially now that I don’t have school to worry about, but I’m deliberately avoiding that as a measure to keep myself from burning out.)

Don’t worry, the privilege thing’s been coming across just as you intended it, at least in my reading.

Good to hear. 🙂

(sorry if this gets political?) Bringing up privilege from someone in a first world country is quite humble of you. What annoys me is when the concept gets out to international waters and we get situations like here in Brazil where me, being a cis white male, will get pointed as being privileged even though I’ve always had one or both unemployed parents at a time and have been living right next to a dangerous slum for the past 15 years.

Ah, yeah, of course what exactly makes people privileged is going to vary by location. For another instance, I’m privileged on a worldwide basis, but much of that is directly caused by living in Norway, so I’m not really privileged relative to other Norwegians.

…It’s (not to invalidate your point) actually a little ironic how you bring up unemployed parents as an example of non-privilege in this particular conversation.

You see, the specific instance of me bringing up privilege that made me talk about my reasons for doing so was that I’d been privileged with parents who were always there for me. The main reason my parents have been able to be there for me as much as they have is that at no point in my life have either of them been employed (except for some freelance photography on my dad’s part). They’re both on a disability pension.

Which I suppose brings us back to locality of the privilege. We’re not economically privileged by Norwegian standards, but we get what we need to live comfortably despite none of us working, and on a worldwide basis, we’re insanely privileged to be living in a place that gives us that.

Btw Brian said early on (2.8) that his darkness doesn’t actually restrict his own senses, so while your hypothesis on his trigger event being related to hiding makes sense, it wouldn’t involve trying to shut out sound as well

Oh, right! I remembered he could see through it, but forgot that it applied to sound too.

About Lisa’s ability – frustrated yelling at the screen to tell the characters what is blindingly obvious isn’t even the worst thing, I think. Just imagine always figuring out plot twists from the tiniest foreshadowing. It’s like everything that is not deus ex machina is spoiled for you instantly. Her ability would be my worst nightmare.

Living hell.

And hey, it could even spoil the dei ex machinis by going “this movie has a deus ex machina”, and maybe elaborating from there…

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