Between 4.5-4.6



It’s a very friendly costume!


I thought I recognized the game, so I did some digging and found that the description of the costumes perfectly matched Bomberman, a maze-based game where the player character uses strategically placed bombs to destroy enemies and obstacles.

Bomberman! Of course! I knew it sounded familiar!

…I suppose the Undersiders better be careful where they step.


I can’t help but imagine Lisa looking at the actors and reading their body language but really getting false information because the actors aren’t acting ‘correctly’ and it simultaneously pisses her off and relieves her at the same time.

Heh, so on one level she ends up liking badly acted movies better than good ones, even though they piss her off. I like it :p

[screenshot of a Tumblr post from incorrect-wormquotes, submitted by cedeelbe]

Skitter: Would you like something to drink? We’ve got water, juice, milk, tea, spiders, doctor pepper…

Clockblocker: Spiders?

Skitter: Spiders it is then.

Clockblocker: Wait, no that’s not-

[Skitter is already pouring a glass of spiders]

Ahahaha! Well played.


“Brian would fit in nicely as a knight” wow thanks dude now I have 50 million ideas and no creative outlet for them. Magical forces have recently seized the world, granting weird powers to many. In this tale, we focus on group of fantastical brigands: The Black Night, Druid of the Hounds, Dread Cassandra, [censored] and in particular on their newest member, and idealistic maid with uncanny mastery of all small animals, from the ravaging locust to the noble bee to the canny spider,,,

Sounds like you’ve got what it takes to fledge out this medieval AU a bit!

If you or anyone else here do end up writing a fic or something about this concept, let me know when I finish Worm and I’ll probably read it (on my own time that is). 🙂


About the Undersiders trusting Taylor – There are failsafes and dynamics to the team we haven’t seen yet. Taylor’s only just met them after all, we haven’t seen the extent of their resources. And you are severely underestimating Tattletale’s deductive abilities. Sure she’s slipped up with Taylor, and panacea, but if Grue doesn’t trust Tattletales reports then Tattletale doesn’t bring anything to the team.

I suppose that’s fair.

I just don’t really see how Tattle would have enough to go on to say that they could trust her, but I guess that might become clearer in time too.

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