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A belated happy birthday to Canada! 150 years young!

Happy belated Canada Day indeed!

Y’know, on the day itself, I kept seeing people mocking Canada for being young relative to the U.S. (which fills 241 two days from now), but… the U.S. itself isn’t that old either, compared to for example England, and lots of countries are younger than Canada in turn.

MH player submitted:

Kaiser fanart by tomgizz

Here is what I think is the only fanart yet of kayser in costume which is surprising, seeing how soon he is introduced (on top of that, it was made less than 10 days ago!). Not mine.


This is cool!

I find the use of grayscale very fitting – all the metal looks very… metallic. I also like the spikes in the foreground, and the use of the emblems on the outfits, like the swastikas on his helmet and the 88 on his chest.

I guess people might be reluctant to make fanart of him because they don’t want to come across as supporting him or something like that? Or maybe it’s more directly because people tend to make art of characters they like, and Kaiser is such a bastard that very few people actually like him.

I suspect that Leet’s can-only-make-once limitation applies to blueprints rather than individual objects. I.e. he could make five of the same bomb just fine but trying to make a different kind of bomb would go badly. After all, why would one piece of tech work differently if it has the same design as the last? (Or maybe his power doesn’t make similar designs worse, it just makes him worse at putting them together. In which case, maybe he could pair up with another tinker to assemble things.)

Yeah, both of those approaches make sense, though I think the former one is more likely. Tattletale did talk about each thing he “invents” rather than “makes”.


This is very helpful! Thank you.

The one thing I’m a bit surprised by here is that the Boardwalk is apparently considered to be inside the Docks area. I had thought of it as a separate area around where the Market is, with the Market closer to the Boat Graveyard.

But yeah, this clears up a lot for me.

On one level I kinda want to go back and tag each post where I made up an alternate meaning for “ABB”, but on the other hand, the very nature of the gag means I can’t conveniently use the search function to round up instances of it.

…which I suppose is a part of why I want to tag it.

[I did end up tagging a lot of them, but I don’t think I caught all.]


I said it once I’ll say it again, you’ll never top the Arachnophobic Backstreet Boys.

Ahahaha! 😀

*bows* Thank you, thank you… Glad you liked it!

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