Between 4.11-I4


Pretty sure that was Tattletale calling her honey.


Pretty sure that was Tattle calling her ‘honey’. So if you’re feeling shippy…

Ohh, yeah, that does look like it’s the case. Sometimes breaking up the text to comment on it makes me kinda lose the continuity of it, such as how I should’ve been able to tell that was still Lisa talking.

She is more the kind to say “honey” platonically than Brian is, but far be it from me to discourage Taylor/Lisa shipping… 😉

Honestly, while I do prefer Taylor/Brian, I think that would be my second place choice.

By the way, I lowkey headcanon Taylor as bisexual. I mean, have you seen how she describes other girls?

Much of it is probably from her self-image issues as she’s comparing the other girls to herself (and I do think that’s the main thing Wildbow was going for, rather than indicating Taylor’s preferences), but still, she’s pretty much constantly describing how pretty and attractive other girls are.


According to Wikipedia – Celebratory gunfire, falling bullets are not as dangerous as being shot at, but they fall fast enough to injure you and a few people do die annually from them.


Regarding a bullet falling down, the bullet would tumble rather than come straight down. This means it wouldn’t quite hit the same speed as it would being fired, but any piece of metal falling through the sky can seriously hurt you, whether it’s bullet shaped or not. Completely unrelated, you said you liked Panacea and Glory Girl. Did you know the story was originally going to follow those two?


[Discord] Sharks:

(The Glory Girl/Panacea story was called Guts and Glory, and to my understanding is still available to read, when you’ve finished Worm.)

I guess that’s fair. I was wrong about the “same speed” thing, but my point still stands: Shooting up in the air with real ammo is a bad idea.

As for the Glory Girl and Panacea thing, that’s very interesting! I do think Taylor might work better as a long term focus character (though I’m biased, having spent four Arcs with her and only a few chapters with the Dallons), but I would like to read Guts and Glory some day.

When I read the bit where Lisa said the doctor was her father, my first guess was that she was lying and that guy was someone the Undersiders’ boss recommended. It’s refreshing to see someone with a different perspective on things.

She sure fooled me!

…though now that I think about it more, we do know that Lisa lives at the HQ with Alec and Rachel. Now I’m genuinely wondering about Lisa and Alec’s families.


I think she’ll burn out in the sense that she’ll get tired of doing what she is doing. Like getting bored. I thought it was a common expression

I guess that could be the case. It is a common expression, it’s just that we’ve just had the concept of more specifically burning out the power and having it backfire introduced to us two chapters ago, so I assumed that definition.

“Ultimately, the entire encounter with Über and Leet feels kind of pointless in retrospect. What did it really accomplish, narratively, other than get Bakuda to dress like Bomberman?” Well, it accomplished whiplash. The fun times with Über and Leet made the swerve of the Bakuda fight all the more shocking.

I suppose you could say that. It might’ve been more effective if I hadn’t spent much of their encounter expecting a bigger fish.

If you count toes by mass rather than by number it’s closer to 1/3

Hm… yeah, I guess that might work out a little better. I can’t really tell when trying to visualize it with my own toes.


or in the shape of a dragon without a dick, which is actually rather different from the shape of a dragon with a dick


(american dragon jake not-so-long-anymore)

I think it would probably be better if you waited until after the interludes at the end of arcs before doing the arc thoughts. Often times the interlude ties in with the arc in some way, and the next arc doesn’t really start until x.1.

I suppose you have a point, although I want to note how I’m currently treating the Interludes:

For the purposes of tagging and the Tebble of Constants, I’ve been treating the Interludes (except Interlude 3-and-a-half) as separate from the Arcs. They don’t get an “#Arc x” tag, and on the ToC, they’re bolded just like the Arcs. I’m essentially treating them as tiny Arcs of their own, rather than folding them into the preceding or following one.

But yes, some of the Interludes so far have been more tied to the preceding Arc than to the next one.

…I’ll think about it.

To be fair while the interludes do tie a lot with the arc preceding them they do also set stuff up for the next arc. I do feel that they’re better read as part of the previous arc but they’re more like bridges between the two.



The Interludes, in all cases I can remember, take place during/immediately after the arc they accompany. Even the flashbacks end in the present time/are a story someone in the present is telling.

Yeah, I agree – the ones I’ve seen are certainly more accurately considered part of the previous Arc than part of the next one, though I do also see them as “bridges”.

I think for now I’ll continue as before with the tags, ToC and arc thoughts treating the Interludes as separate, but maybe I’ll change it some day, having read more Interludes.

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