Between 5.2-5.3

*most of the fandom considers Taylor to be bisexual despite the AUTHOR’S claims she’s straight, to be fair. If I recall, W said he didn’t feel comfortable making her so because it’d feel a bit too much like pandering – “look at how diverse my MC is” and all that.


I saw the post about not wanting to tell word of god, but I saw the post (Most people consider Taylor bi), and I also just read the WOG about Taylor being straight and the reasons he thought making Taylor queer could be a bad choice. What’s the decision on mentioning this?


Taylor is definitely straight, by WOG. They had a big talk about it on a forum. The reasons were many fold, including: a) fearing they would not handle the subject properly, b) they felt that it would have been made a bigger deal than it would have been and distort people’s perceptions (Bullied Girl vs Lesbian Bullied), and c) it wasn’t that sexuality that “fit” when they constructed the character.

Hm. I can understand Wildbow not wanting to dip into it for fear of not handling the subject correctly (and similar concerns), but I don’t think that should mean he had to make her officially straight. Sometimes ambiguity is your friend, and leaving it to headcanons.

To be clear: I don’t have a problem with her being straight in itself, it’s just that given those conditions I’d opt for more of a compromise with the readers unless her being straight rather than bi were to impact the narrative.


I don’t think Bitch “found dead dogs”. You don’t put dead dogs in cages, after all.

Good point. She certainly seemed to have found some dogs in poor condition, at least.

Kayden isn’t really much of a hero; she’s a vigilante at best. And I wouldn’t say it’s really toeing the line of Neo-Nazism when her cape name is still a direct reference to one of the core aspects of Nazi ideology (racial purity), and the fact that she has a habit of only beating up criminals that aren’t white. The fact that such a character comes off as almost sympathetic is just a hallmark of good writing. (And it does help that Kaiser is such an asshole by comparison, too.)

Yeah, I think I remarked on that towards the end of Interlude 3½ – that Wildbow managed to make a character with Neo-Nazi leanings that sympathetic (to a reader who’s nowhere near that end of the political scale) is quite impressive.

“Clockblocker, wasn’t it?” Gallant, actually.

Ah, right.

“I remember Coil being discussed around the time of Interlude 2 – Tinker with a personal militia equipped with his tech, wasn’t he?” That was one theory advanced by the Empire goon, but in the same breath he said no one knew for sure if he even had powers.

Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot that part.

[about the original blog description]

“I’m here to worm my way through the web serial Worm.” I think the first “worm” should be replaced by squirm, wiggle or work. Also, is “tebble” a reference to something?

Normally I’d agree about the dual “worm”s, but in this case, that’s the joke. But it is kind of… ehh. I might change it to “wiggle”.

Definitely not “squirm”, though. That would make it sound like I was very much not enjoying it.

As for the “Tebble of Constants”, that’s just me being silly with the words “Table of Contents”. 🙂

Hello! Guy that told you about the names pronunciation here. A “funny” thing about Night, and are name always being mentioned before or after Fog’s one. “Night and Fog” is a French film about the Nazi codename regarding deported people treatment. It was also one of the first films made to stop the advance of negationism. Night’s name probably comes from the codename and not the movie.

Interesting! Makes sense that Night and Fog would be a duo, then.

…I wonder if they specialize in abductions.

As a consequence of Wildbow posting the story as he was writing it, there are some naming inconsistencies, namely asking the Merchants. Stain from earlier was changed to Skidmark here, and Moist here is referred to as Mush in the rest of the story.


fun fact: a skidmark is slang for shitstains on underwear

Ah, I see. Seems like the kind of thing he might want to consider editing some day – he’s already proven himself willing to edit (during this liveblog’s existence) with the fix for the Mrs. Knott fiasco, which admittedly was presumably a higher priority than a couple cases of names changing inexplicably.

Also wow, talk about driving home the point that the guy is a piece of shit, huh.

Thought you might be interested – pretty sure Hookwolf is named after a wolfsangel.


The Wolfsangel (German pronunciation: [ˈvɔlfsˌʔaŋəl]) is a German heraldic charge inspired by historic wolf traps, consisting of two metal parts and a connecting chain. The top part of the trap, which resembled a crescent moon with a ring inside, used to be fastened between branches of a tree in the forest while the bottom part, on which meat scraps used to be hung, was a hook meant to be swallowed by a wolf. The simplified design based on the iron “wolf-hook” was often heavily stylized to no longer resemble a baited hook hung from a tree or an entire wolf trap.

Huh, interesting. So then he’s more a trap for the wolves than the wolf himself. He’s the hunter using the trap, a hunter of wolves and a hunter of those who do not fit the Aryan ideals. Yikes.

He’s practically the opposite of Rachel.

Hell, maybe there is an opposites thing going on between Purity’s squad and the Undersiders. We have the hunter and the dog friend, and then there’s Purity whose power is creating light where Grue’s is creating darkness. It remains to be seen if Night and/or Fog can be construed as opposites to Taylor, Alec or Lisa.


Honestly, your liveblogs of Worm make me so happy. They remind me of when I first got sucked into it and it’s so nice to see someone enjoying that firsthand! (plus, your commentary is entertaining as hell)

I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride! 😀

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noVA N O

you cant stop them

theyve become more powerful than I had ever imagined

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Bakuda: Origins

[Worm comments section]


I wondered whay happened to all the caged dogs Rachel rescued. When they all went quiet at the end, did they all die?


Sorry if it wasn’t clear. Brutus isn’t the clearest of narrators. 😉

She took the living dogs out to a truck and lashed the cages together there. Then she went back inside to mourn the ones who had died. When she was driving off at the end, she had the rescued dogs in the back of the truck.

So I just arranged the pages on my screen to get ready for Hive 5.3, and in the process it scrolled down to these comments on Hive 5.2.

Nice to have that cleared up a bit, though I do still wonder where she took the rescued dogs afterwards. Maybe she had the scentless man take care of them?

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