Between 5.4-5.5

[Worm comment] wildbow:

Just a heads up. On the main page, here [link], I posted another poll regarding the next interlude. Check it out & post in the comments there with your suggestions if there’s a character you want to see featured.

Oh, cool, some audience participation!

(Don’t worry, not clicking that link.)

[chapter tags]

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Also, I accidentally looked at this and noticed that apparently the principal’s name is Blackwell. I’m not sure that was established the last time she was mentioned.

It’s a cool name.


don’t worry about reading the “characters appearing in this chapter” list; they don’t contain spoilers

[Discord] Sharks:

The character list can contain spoilers, whoops.

Yeah, I didn’t think it would, but here we are… Unless of course Blackwell’s name was mentioned earlier and I just forgot about it.

That said, I don’t really mind this particular one. It kinda feels more like Word of God bonus information than like a spoiler, which is why I didn’t tag the post about it with #spoiled.

If you had to have one character’s power set from all the ones you’ve heard about so far, which sets would you enjoy having the most and the least?


*thinks about it for a solid 15 minutes*

Least is relatively easy – Gregor the Snail really got the short stick, though we haven’t seen him in combat yet.

Most, on the other hand… Well, Vista and Tattletale have very cool powers. Oni Lee has a form of teleportation, which is my usual answer to this kind of question.

But I think the best power, both in combat and more importantly in day-to-day life, would be Über’s ability to do anything like an expert if given the chance.

That sounds amazing for someone like me, who frequently is a bit unsure about things if I don’t know exactly how to do them.

And that’s before you consider the use of it in a work environment. Über could’ve been incredibly successful in a civilian career if he wanted to. (And in a sense, he is – he’s a highly successful streamer, but I’m not sure he’s directly applying his power to that.)

[You know what? Now, ten Arcs later, I still stand by this answer.]

I can’t speak for everyone, but the actions and environment of the school and its faculty is almost uncannily similar to some experiences of mine, which I think really speaks to the abilities of wildbow for making an almost painfully real world for his characters. Also Danny is best dad.

Yeah, while Wildbow definitely accentuates the negatives, the hardest thing about the setting tends to be that I can’t honestly dismiss it as unrealistic. It’s nitty, gritty, and very, very real.

It’s… naturalistic. Huh.

The character tags do include “word of God bonus information” from time to time; you’re not generally supposed to get WOG but I think the character tags are fair because they always came out at the same time as the chapters IIRC, so there’s no difficulty in quantifying when you should read them to get the original readers’ experience.

Yeah, that makes sense to me. I’m not going to actively look for it, but I’m not going to make that much of a fuzz about it either when I do see it (though I will comment on it), for precisely this reason.

The thing I can relate to the most in Wildbow’s depiction of the school is not the the presence of gangs (there are a couple of drug dealers, but there are more people who beat them up) or the bullying (though I’ve had experiences in another school): it’s the neglect. Last year, we were without light for six months straight, then our false ceiling literally started falling on our heads. And even before: the damn bathroom walls were always damp and the water tastes like iron. I could sympathize.


I… don’t think your school would be allowed to continue operating under those conditions here in Norway.

[Pretty sure all the lights going out and not coming back on would cause a Norwegian school to close for the day, especially in the winter.]

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