Between 5.10-I5

Here’s something worth considering on the subject of changing up your liveblogging format. A while back someone mentioned that at a rate of 1 chapter per week you would take over 4 years to finish the story. Considering that the chapters are getting longer, if you keep up your current liveblogging speed and only do an average of 2-3 sessions per week, you probably are going to roughly end up on that schedule.

If you’re ok with the idea of doing this for another 4 years or so that’s great and I look forward to reading it! But if that feels like a bit more time than you really want to spend on this (or especially, if you think there’s a good chance that something will come up in the next 4 years that will force you to abandon the liveblog and/or take an extended hiatus) then you might want to put some serious thought into some ways you could save yourself some time.

In any case how you want to liveblog is completely up to you, and I’m sure we’ll keep following you no matter what you do. The most important thing is that you do what you feel most comfortable with. But it is worth knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Hm. I mean, fair points. That said, I really don’t think I should be going much faster.

Part of why my schedule is, sometimes artificially, less frequent than what I’m physically able to do is that I don’t want to burn myself out and make it feel like a chore. That would suck the fun out of it for both me and you, and make me much more likely to stop.

I’m not sure how covering more content per session would affect that, though.

Either way, I don’t want to turn this into a race against time. If it takes four years, then I’ll just have to let it take four years. There may be some bumps here and there as I go through higher education, but I’ll try my best to keep this alive.

And if I do ultimately fail to make it through this… Well, I’ll be sorry about that, but at least I’ll know that I could help entertain you guys as long as I did. I’ve been clear from the start that this might not end with me finishing Worm, but I’m gonna do this anyway.

Just wanted to put in my two cents here, but I really like the current ‘comment on every paragraph’ format. I have some bad reading comprehension and the incredible amount of things I’m picking up on is thanks to this liveblog slowing my reading down enough and giving me someone to read with. Thanks!

This is actually one of the main reasons I’m doing this! I mean, both the paragraph-by-paragraph thing and liveblogging in general.

I’ve suffered from reading too fast and not catching the details myself. Liveblogging forces me to slow down and think, and let me enjoy the details and theorizing more than I would otherwise.

I’m glad it helps, for both of us. 🙂

Only Taylor/Newter fic I’ve ever seen was actually a Taylor/Harem fic in which an aspect of her power makes her completely immune to any negative consequences of physical contact or intimacy, which covers Newter’s power. She is also a Princess of Hell in that fic.

Sounds like a ride!

“Oh hey! You’re trapped in a locker with millions of bugs. Here, have the power to control them and see through them.” At first I thought the power lottery laughed in her face, but this chapter made me think: if she hadn’t got the ability to command them, those bugs would’ve probably started to… Well, eat her alive is a good term to use. She’s probably been in there for hours, after all.

Hm, I didn’t think so many of the bugs were in the locker with her. I thought she just reached out with her newfound power (since she couldn’t reach out with anything else) and found all the bugs in the school.

If they were, though, yeah, that would make the whole situation a lot worse than it already was, and that’s saying something.

Since you were like 2/3 done with 5.9 going in to today (and so will presumably finish earlier than usual), any chance of staying the next chapter today? You probably won’t finish it, but that’s ok.

Considering I got sent this at the end of the chapter, I don’t know when “today” was. 😛

Rachel isn’t autistic,.Her mind works like a dog’s mind. To an outside observer it might have some of the same symptoms, but it really isn’t the same thing. A lot of her behavior (like the stuff in Arc 2) makes sense if you think of her as basically being a dog, but not so much if you think of her as autistic. I mean, maybe wildbow could have just written her as autistic and still had her play roughly the same role in the story so far, but she really wouldn’t be the same character.

Fair enough.

[Reddit comment thread]


Can’t herd cats.

Turn cats into killing machines and turn them loose, but they’re not obedient.


I was not expecting a response from The Great One. That is more frightening than the real Bitch. She’ll have the Dogs kill you. The Cats, they’ll play with their food. Lol


If her psychology changed to be more catlike, she’d be a heartless sociopath. Think about that.

(Sharks sent me this.)

Ahaha, nice. I especially like how Wildbow (between this and the chapter text) seems to be saying that dog!Rachel only looks like a sociopath, while cat!Rachel would be a sociopath.

Speaking of “they’ll play with their food”, by the way, I actually caught my cat, Mozart, playing with a mouse earlier today!

This continued for a bit after my phone stopped recording (on its own accord, probably because I ran out of space or something). Mozart would catch the mouse several times and watch as it ran away, then go after it again. Last I saw, the mouse got away alive and moving as Mozart got distracted by some birds in the bushes.

By Sharedvi.

This is awesome. Good luck bingo-ing!

By the way, a very minor spoiler seems to have slipped past my screener here, ironically placed right under the “spoiled” space. I didn’t know Max’s surname. Anders, huh? Not bad.

You saw this when reading the chapter comments after 5.4, but the Arc 5 interlude was voted on by readers as to which characters it would focus on.

Ohh, yeah! I forgot about that.

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