Between 6.5-6.6


triumph not only has a sonic shout, but a super sonic shout, not to be confused with a supersonic shout

Ah, yes, a super-powered sonic shout, as opposed to a shout that, uh, travels faster than normal sound I guess?

I suppose that last one could come in handy if you’re trying to send a message especially quickly to someone with super sonic hearing (though not necessarily supersonic hearing). They’re gonna need that to hear you from a distance where the speed of the sound actually matters.

I hate to break it to you but “lase” is totally a verb, if a rarely-used one. English is merciless.

Coddammit. 😛

it feels just like yesterday you were talking about graduating high school, and now you’re in university… they grow up so fast *wipes tear*

Hehe :3

As to why Grue removed his darkness from the heroes: it’s possible that they felt the risk of the heroes causing trouble despite the darkness outweighed the risk of a few heroes fighting back at a time, and that letting Tattletale aim immediately without needing targets pointed out to her was a big enough boost to their speed of taking down heroes. If she could only see their feet, she probly wouldn’t be able to see if they were stuck in a foam mound or had dodged behind it. That’s my best guess.

Hmm. I guess some of this makes sense, though I’m still not sure it was the right call.

In particular, some more talking between teammates would’ve easily solved that last issue (Grue could just pay attention to Tattle’s targets alongside his own – no big deal when the targets are just stumbling around – and let her know in short terms whether she’d successfully covered them or not), and in general, giving the heroes the opportunity to fight back effectively and maybe incapacitate an Undersider seems like a bigger risk to take than letting the process be a little bit slower.

Oh, and another thing: Why didn’t Grue offhandedly mention to his teammates that Armsmaster was moving in a suspicious manner? Did he just not piece that together until after Armsmaster came out of the cloud and started breaking the plan?

If he did realize that before, he definitely should’ve mentioned it.


Fun fact: Triumph may not have called himself “Mr Skyrim”, but he came close. there is a line in the song of the dragonborn (the one in the trailer) that goes: “Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan” or in English: “And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph’s shout”. not sure how intentional this is.

Ahaha, that’s awesome!

And the timeline works out, too: While Skyrim itself wasn’t released until a month and a half before Tangle 6.5 (i.e. a while after Triumph was first mentioned, though I can’t find the exact date for his first mention because blog search is flawed), the trailer was released in February, several months before even Gestation 1.1 (June 11).

It’s possible Armsmaster was pretending to not be able to see in the darkness, until he saw a good opportunity to attack.

Hm, fair. We don’t know the timeframe of how long he was moving like he could see in the darkness, after all.


Hey buddy, wink if you’re stuck in the containment foam – we’ll help

As it turns out, I just got out of the containment foam a few hours ago! But thanks. 🙂

I might start a liveblog session in a few hours, or I’ll do one tomorrow… we’ll see. Either way, I’m back!

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