Between 6.6-6.7

Not sure if this will pass the no-spoiler barrier, but Velocity doesn’t necessarily need another power for his costume. Manton effect doesn’t seem to be affecting all powers the same way. Faultline had to experiment to find out what her power can destroy, Lung just can’t fry people from inside. Velocity’s power might be limited by the amount of additional mass or something. And bugs slow him down because he can’t just pass through things, he has to push bugs away with his reduced strength.

Hm, seems like a reasonable alternative interpretation, yeah.

I still think Lung’s pyrokinesis should count as affecting the fire itself, but fair enough. Doesn’t matter what I think, though – it seems to be controlled by the characters’ subconscious, if the theories Faultline brought up are correct.

Not being able to fry people from the inside as a result of the Manton effect would still put the pyrokinesis in the non-living category, though, wouldn’t it? Unless you mean there’s just nothing for the power to work with inside people’s bodies, I suppose.

Is it just me, or are you making linger posts?

(Took me a moment to figure out what a linger post was.)

Yeah, I am, though not as a conscious decision. The post lengths, which I initially tried to keep at one paragraph per post, are becoming more and more arbitrary at this point, resulting in longer posts depending on how much I write before I start thinking “maybe I should end this post and move on to the next one”.


Good ol’ Halbeard is referred to occasionally by the fandom as Worm’s Batman. (Only in the being-prepared-for-anything shtick. Not so much the “badass normal” trope.)

Heh, nice. There are some significant similarities, yeah.

That said, he still kind of reminds me more of Iron Man (though Armsmaster is much more of an asshole), due to the armor and the gadgets in his visor.

Maybe the darkness doesn’t stop ALL around. At the very least, the sound we normally hear isn’t the only sound there is. I’d argue this chapter just proves it.

That’s… a very good point. Ultrasound and/or infrasound might not get muffled by the darkness, or perhaps they get less muffled. Maybe there’s a frequency of peak muffling somewhere in the middle of the audible range or something.

I didn’t think about this possibility, but it makes a ton of sense now that I do. Thanks!

So if sound outside the human range of hearing are not or less muffled by the darkness, I suppose there’s a chance the dogs can navigate in the darkness by hearing?

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