Between 6.8-6.9

Can you imagine how hard it could be to fight a guy with the power to make ‘I win’ an outcome of the battle?

I know, right? It looks weak when he just does it on a small scale with some coins, but when you take it a little higher, it’s insanely powerful.

That said, I’m not quite sure if he’d be able to do it that directly – it remains to be seen whether the Manton effect prevents him from overriding people’s agency. I’m not certain either way, so it should be interesting to perhaps see Coil’s power in combat sometime.


Would you say that at this point you are a fan of Worm? You mentioned that you would’ve dropped it at the beginning if it had not been for the liveblog format, but it’s that still the case?

Oh yeah, the time when I would’ve dropped it due to disinterest is long gone.

Part of what caused my (overly) negative reaction to 1.1 was that I didn’t actually know what kind of story it was until at least halfway through it, and I really couldn’t stand the sort of story it was looking like it would be. That’s what I would’ve very likely dropped.


“I will, for the time being, content myself with seizing this city for myself.” I read those words and it suddenly hit me: Coil *is* Ilpalazzo.

I wasn’t familiar with the character of Il Palazzo from Excel Saga (let me know if I got the wrong one), but I looked him up on Wikipedia.

Scheming leader, “The world is corrupt!”, casual hobbies… Yep, sounds like a decent fit.

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