Between AT9-10.1

Anything can become a badass title if it’s italicized and subtitled with “Extermination”.

  • Arc Thoughts: Extermination
  • Worm: Extermination
  • Lucky Bunny Bounty Show: Extermination
  • My Little Pony: Extermination
  • Homestuck: Extermination
  • Die Hard: Extermination
  • Steven Universe: Extermination
  • Taylor Says “Mucho Cred”: Extermination
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Extermination
  • Border Control: Extermination
  • Little Witch Academia: Extermination
  • …Etcetera: Extermination

Another shipname is Clitter, but it’s specifically for smut.

Ahaha, classy. 😛

No, the obvious conclusion is that it’s all a simulation. And Coil has gained read access to the memory used by the branch predictor.

Either way, better be careful with those bugs.

Isn’t Homestuck: Extermination kind of… Homestuck, period?

Yep! 😛

Just wanted to say I’m loving the liveblog. I’m a big fan of worm, and have shared this account with some friends who have read it. I’m really glad you’re doing this, enough that I rediscovered how to use my long-lost tumblr account to spam you with likes (I’m working through chronologically).

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

“Also, with that last bit about Wildbow commenting on a readthrough, I can’t help but wonder if he’s aware of my liveblog, or even reads it… That’s a somewhat… scary? thought? But I’d also be honored… I don’t know, really, how to feel about it. I do know that if I’d written a work that got liveblogs of it, I’d be reading them, though.”

He said this when you was on 3.6:

I enjoy [another readthrough] and I do enjoy Krixwell. That said, Krixwell does sort of exemplify what I was talking about in [a blog post] about lack of consistency and the effect of it – I frequently forget about his readthrough until readers tell me it’s started back up again.

No pressure though

I’m very glad and honored to hear that! Good to know I’m not too obnoxious for him 😉

And yeah, the criticism re: consistency was a fair point. At least I’ve gotten quite a bit more consistent since 3.6, something that I suppose is probably related to me still being in school back then and having to work the liveblogging in between school, homework, sleep and other spare time activities. (I can’t guarantee that something similar won’t happen when I find a place that’ll take me in for work training.)

there’s an xkit extension, auto tagger, that can automatically tag posts for you. that might be easier for liveblogging?

It would help, but unfortunately I don’t use a browser that supports xkit anymore.

Funny I should receive this right now, actually, because I was just looking at an old post of mine [here, search: “behind the scenes”] that mentioned this within the last hour, as a result of the previous ask getting me to check out the archive for the month it was posted (June 2017).

Anyway, yeah, tagging is a chore, but I’m used to it by now. The only real problem with doing it manually is the risk of human errors like typos or tagging the wrong chapter.

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