Between 11.1-11.2

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Have you ever wanted to kill someone, just to see what it’s like?

Trigger warnings for murder, depression and suicide.

It’s a bit odd to have an easter egg like this in a super cute and innocent game like Doki Doki Literature Club, but hidden in the game files and encrypted with Base64, you can find this really good, dark short story.

I’m sharing it on this blog because it reminds me a lot of something I might come across in Worm, and so I think a lot of you might appreciate it. 🙂

(It’s not set in Doki Doki, so there’s no spoilers for that in it.)


Wwheek Me Up Inside:
Spoiler: worms are annelids


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Wildbow is a troll 😀

Hehe. Fortunately, I’m a Homestuck, so I’m used to dealing with troll authors. 😛

New fanfic idea: Taylor reads Worm – well, more importantly, the interludes – so she’d know about stuff like the way Coil uses his power.

Hm, nice. There seem to be a few ways you could go about it… Does Taylor read in real time and adjust her actions to what she learns in the Interludes? Or does she liveblog her own story, Interludes included, after the fact?

Before you ask, I don’t know of any fics where Danny is actually Coil, though I do know one where Coil makes the PRT think Danny is Coil

You know me well – I didn’t mention it, but I did think about the fanfic potential of that premise. I’m genuinely surprised to hear you don’t know of any.

I mean, sure, it requires some bending of characterizations to make it work, but still.

Regarding nightmares vs terror dreams- I’ve never heard of the second one either, but I have heard of night terrors, which are distinct from nightmares in that night terrors do not occur within rem sleep and so don’t involve any sort of dream, and instead just involve an intense feeling of dread. If “terror dreams” is a synonym for night terrors, then it’s something of a misnomer, and Taylor’s dream is a nightmare.

Oh, huh. That’s interesting!

Risqué abstract chicken art? Check out “Thunderheist- Jerk It” (thatg0) on YouTube. (Content warning: strobe effects. And of course risqué abstract chicken art.)

Sharks: He is NOT kidding about the strobe effects.

Huh. Well, that was… something, alright.

I guess that’s abstract art for ya.

I’m going through the backlog catching up, and you mention putting trigger warnings in the relevant posts. I feel like there’s a lot of trigger-worthy stuff in Worm – people make the joke, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a deliberate naming coincidence. And as you said, people might stumble on these posts by accident for a number of reasons. Is there an effective “Trigger Warning: Everything” tag that’s used frequently on tumblr? If so, I think you should use that tag regularly, over any others.

I don’t think so, unfortunately.

Also, if you mean the joke about trigger warnings and trigger events, yeah, that’s probably not a coincidence. After all, trigger events do tend towards being the sort of scenario that’ll lead to someone having genuine PTSD triggers, phobias, etc. (It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Taylor turned out to be claustrophobic, for example.)

“in her civvies” Which also happen to be her skivvies. Might be best if no one showed up.

True that. Imagine the teasing Regent would get up to, for instance!

If you remember his interlude Coil usually has two version of him at night, one that sleeps at home and another who pulls an all nighter in his base, keeping up to date with any news. I like to think that when Skitter called him only his awake self picked up, meaning he had to keep that version of reality, meaning that for this little interaction Coil lost an entire night of sleep.

I do remember that, yes, and made some references to it in that particular scene. That is a pretty sweet idea, though – another reason for Taylor to read Interlude 6, so she can appreciate just how much she might have inconvenienced Coil. 😀

Removing the lenses doesn’t make her eyes visible, she still has the yellow goggles attached

Ah, I see. I guess those weren’t made of glass, then?

“Does one of their powers have to do with glass?” You already know quite a bit about them; care to speculate?

Hmm… I suppose it would make sense for it to be Shatterbird, between “shatter” and the public terror-inducing announcements of the Slaughterhouse’s presence… If she’s got a large range, she could shatter a whole lot of windows and glass lenses at once, making it quite apparent that they’re around.

Also, I suppose the “bird” part could mean that she does it with her voice. Maybe she makes a sound that carries far and shatters glass. Both things work well with the announcement thing.

It’s pretty fun re-reading your chapter thoughts in chronological order – it goes from your first negative impressions to someone who seems pretty into it! Thanks for keeping up with this live-blog, it’s my first time reading something like it and I’m really into it! By the way, do you happen to know of any other people doing a Worm live-blog as well? I’ve always been a fan of seeing people’s reactions to stuff like this.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Sharks mentioned knowing a couple and being willing to share. Personally, I’m aware of Nick, @journeysintowebcomics, who I’ve heard is roughly as far in as I am, but that’s all I know about.

“it reminds me a lot of something I might come across in Worm” please explain.

It’s largely the subject matter and tone – this is a story from the perspective of a clearly sociopathic 19-year-old who rather matter-of-factly goes over her quest to kill someone just to see what it was like and contends that it’s normal to want to try something like that.

It’s a premise I could imagine Wildbow dealing with in an Interlude. In particular, it reminds me of Interlude 10, in which we follow a sociopath as he does something fucked up just because he feels like it and with no sign of genuine regret.

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