Between AT10-11.1

Dave Strider describing Worm from Lung’s perspective.

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Oh hey, we found Victoria!

(#apparently this is the actual name of the opening on a glass furnace)

omg Krixwell… A female synthesized voice comes out of the armband and you *still* think it’s Strider?


Regarding your theory about strider using a synthesized female voice: we already saw that the armband uses it’s own voice for some messages, when it rephrased Skitters messages. And it was built by Dragon, who is known to use a synthetic female voice…

Oh, right, I forgot that was how we heard him. Never mind, then!

Parasite may also reflect Taylor, or even more darkly, Imp. Taylor literally was a parasite to the team, and Bitch still thought so. Imp isn’t getting on well with the team leadership, due to being a bickering, attention-starved sibling. Finally, we know of some parasites to society, who are a symbiotic band of muderhobos.

Hm, yeah, good points. I’m not sure about the Imp point, because while she might not be all that good at being subordinate to Brian, she seems to be a benefit to the team overall, but Taylor was intending to be a parasite for information.

1. Coil is Animal-themed super-villain, who has underground base and he plans to take over the city, with help of quirky underlings.

2. Dragon is Armsmaster Canadian Girlfriend (TV tropes GirlfriendInCanada)

3. Flachette is a lesbian with asian ancestry, named Lily (Yuri (百合, “lily”)), who has power to pierce anything.

5. Undersiders represent most common fears: Grue – fear of darkness. Skitter – fear of spiders (and bugs in general). Bitch – fear of the dogs (also of giant monsters, more relevant to Earth Bet). Tattletale – fear of revealing of your secrets. Regent – fear of loosing control. Imp – fear of the unknown.

Hah, nice. Got some quality stealth jokes with #2 and #3 there – what with that trope being about fake girlfriends and “yuri” being a term for lesbian fiction.

(I think people were trying to make me realize that yuri joke before, but I’d been thinking of Doki Doki Literature Club a lot around then, so my mind went to the Doki Doki character Yuri first.)

(I take it number four was spoilers #and/or on the run from mogadorians)

“You can’t start to suspect that someone’s pranking you if you don’t remember they exist.” The gaslighting potential is real.

I know, right?

Can you name the Undersiders starting with your favorite one and finishing with your last favorite one? I’m curious about the order of your preferences.

  1. Tattletale (holds this position as overall character, too)
  2. Skitter
  3. Grue
  4. Regent
  5. …someone
  6. Bitch

Imp’s position on the list is a bit nebulous right now. She just hasn’t had much opportunity to prove herself as a character yet, so she’s kind of forgettable so far. With some more “screentime”, she could easily climb the list.

I don’t know if you did the Arc thoughts before and forgot because I was bingeing, but I’m really glad that you figured out that the divide in Arcs is really relevant to plot and buikdup instead of being just an arbitrary distinction, like I used to think it was. Going back to the first couple of Arcs, is there anything you figured out about their titles? Is there anything you want to keep in mind for the rest of the story? Thanks for the Arc thoughts, and have fun reading ^^

Oh, yeah, the Arcs have pretty clear distinctions and roles. Like Gestation being “the beginning”, Insinuation being the time leading up to Taylor joining the Undersiders, etc. They quickly fell into a pattern of having their own progressions of tension, with Arc climaxes and such, a pattern which Wildbow began subverting with Arc 7.

As for Arc titles, I guess there’s nothing new to report. Although looking at my ToC, it does strike me that we’ve got Arcs 1-3 with longer titles ending in -ation, Arcs 4-7 with short, to-the-point titles, and then Arc 8 goes back to a long title ending in -ation. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to mean anything, though.

As for things to keep in mind… I’m not sure what you mean. I’d like to keep most things in mind, though we’ve seen how much I fail at that. 😛

Any thoughts on Dragon searching out Taylor’s identity, breaking the usual respect for keeping civilian identities private?

She doesn’t seem to give a damn about that. Didn’t even consider it… That said, I inexplicably trust her not to share it with anyone who doesn’t absolutely need to know, unlike Coil.

J̨͉͇̈ͩ̾̊͛̈͐͠ũ̴̌҉̯̰sͫ͂̓̈́ͥ̔͢͏͓̹̮͎͙̕t̠̮͖̥̞̄ͫͨ̾̍͋ͨ͒̀ ̢̬̬̱̲͈̯̖̤͛̕͜H̷̩̱̤̹̳̟̬̝͐͗̓̍ȩ̷̝͍̘̮̭͖̥̉̋͌ͦa̵͊̌͏͙͈̦̞̺̰͎̗ṙ̲̰̳̩̭̥̤̫̦̃̏ͮ͗ͪͣ̀tͦ̐͏̷͇̤̖̼b̰̠̜ͤͦͦr̶̰̹͖̊̊̀͗͛ͬ̂̀͘e̼̒̎̎͠a̷̪͛̔ͭͫ̆̋̏̚͟k̠̱̣͇̦̮̝̿̅̐̃͗ͥͭ͑̕e͍̗͗̀̍͢r͛̊̿͛̆̌͏̹͍̹͙.̮̺̰̣̬͍͍͔̾̿̓̚

(#i know this doesn’t make much sense if you’re not familiar with ddlc #don’t worry about it)

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