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>Incidentally, Charlotte might think Taylor and Lisa are doing it at first. Noted Skittletale proponent Charlotte 😛

Pffft ahahahaha

Charlotte, as the building turns into a crazy semi-illusory realm and Merchants start dropping into drug trances one by one: “Look, I’m happy for you two, but guys, this is not the time for hot lesbian action!”

(#Senegal: ‘It’s always the time for hot lesbian action.’)

I imagine Newter taking out Merchants from the shadows by spitting at them from the ceiling.

Turkish Wikipedia suggests that Karahindiba means Dandelion. Tesseractids is a lame name; you should call them Dandelions!

Yeah, that meaning is how the name Karahindiba came up in the first place. Hana didn’t explicitly name it, she just compared it to a dandelion in the way the pieces of it, the “seeds”, were scattering to the winds. The way her narration mentioned the Turkish word for it made it natural to pick that up as a name for that being, or possibly all of them (I chose to use it for the individual).

“Dandelions” is a rather elegant name for the species. They do seem to be flaking off whenever they move even when they’re not dying, too. I’m not sure if I want to adopt it for all of them, though – I’ll have to think about it.

Youare tearing me apart, Lisa

oh hi asker

lisa this is the worst double date ever the guy im with s a creep and everybody’s fighting and I forgot something but now the exits are gone Lisa ou suck

ahahaha 😛

Damn, Lisa, there aren’t even candles! Unless you count the flaming torches some of those guys over there are swinging at each other. How is anyone supposed to get their romance on when it’s like this?

Nice fireworks, though. Not super into the bloody remains of those unfortunate enough to cross their paths, but at least the light show is great.

Both Taylor and Hana just call the beings “entities”, which, while not very specific, is suitably mysterious if you proper noun-ize it. “The Entities”. Much better than tessaractids, don’t you think?

I mean, if you’re going for mysterious, sure. I did come up with the name tesseractids explictly to have a better way to mention them than with extremely nonspecific terms like “beings” or “entities”, though.

Despite the Worm fandom’s love of altpower!Taylors, I have surprisingly never seen one where she gets Skidmark’s power. I’d write one myself, except I’m not that good of a writer and would need to do a lot of research to figure out new tricks like Taylor did with her bug power.

Here’s one that might have interesting effects: Layering a skidmark that goes one way on top of one that goes the opposite way.

The boring outcome would be that they’d cancel each other out.

The less boring outcomes would have the potential to be far grislier.

Yesss let’s beat druggies by getting them high.

Ahaha, good point. Maybe some of the Merchants are somewhat resistant to his power, though it does seem to be incredibly potent.

It just hit me that the Merchants *would actually love Newter (if they realized what his power did instead of just figuring that it knocks people out)*

Yeah, that’s probably true. His power – but not his personality – would fit right into their group, had he not been taken by Faultline.

Also, it’s not like he makes his power a secret. He was perfectly willing to fill Taylor in on it (Taylor and some other characters we know are a lot more reluctant to inform others about the full extent of their power even while temporarily working with them), and, more notably, he openly sells his spit already at Palanquin. There’s no way the specifics of his power wouldn’t be easy to find out, and the Parahumans wiki probably has it all listed.

(Now, whether the Merchants would bother to is a whole other question.)

I’m having a really good day. Some stressful stuff is behind me, and where I am we’ve just had a couple of 70 degree (fahrenheit) days in a row despite it being February. So I wanted to let you know you’re awesome, and I really enjoy your liveblog. Just as much as I enjoyed classic ones like FOAL and lobac back in the day. You really succeed where liveblogs should, in being an entertaining and interesting person yourself to complement the story. Thank you.


Thank you so much! This makes me really happy to hear! ^u^

(#foal and lobac are/were good

#check them out at hslivebloggerextraordinaire and land-of-boredom-and-confusion if you’re into homestuck and haven’t read them yet

#unfortunately lobac stopped partway through act 5

#but she was pretty good while she lasted)

I just wanted to comment on how much I love that Krix references some of my favorite things. Whether RAFOs – which I admittedly know from Sanderson instead of Jordan – or his reference to A Noble Circle, or his casual inclusion of XKCD (I don’t think I’m making that up, right?) or any other one of dozens of references I’ve caught, it’s awesome that he’s just casually referencing things that I normally have to introduce people to IRL


I’m sorry to say I’ve never heard of A Noble Circle before, so that must’ve been accidental (maybe I was talking about the Noble Circle of Horrorterrors from Homestuck, though I can’t find any mentions of that on my blog), but it’s fun to hear that my references are landing. 🙂

I know references can be off-putting to those who don’t get them, so I try not to rely on them too much for people to enjoy the blog without them, but I do like putting them in there. I mean, this is all about recording my thoughts, and my brain just so happens to love latching on to reference opportunities. And hey, I think they’re funny when you do get them, so why not?

It does mean some of my readers will have slightly different experiences from others, but that’s always the case, whether it’s because of references or other forms of differing life experiences and opinions, so I don’t think that’s much of a problem.

(By the way, there are probably many more subtle Homestuck nods in my blog than most of my non-Homestuck readers realize. Homestuck has a lot of little turns of phrase that can easily be woven into otherwise normal sentiments.)

[At least on Tumblr I would fairly consistently tag the names of works I’d referenced in the posts… I’m not bothering with that on WordPress, so many references are a lot harder to spot after the migration.]

I guess the reason why most people don’t write Skid!Taylor or anything similar is that they’re working on AU’s from shortly before Taylor’s trigger event. Skidmark was already active when Taylor triggered, so it couldn’t happen.

Ah, yeah, that makes sense. At least if you assume powers are unique, which I find questionable on a large scale but largely supported on a smaller one.

“I’m sorry to say I’ve never heard of A Noble Circle before” Oh, It’s a pretty good game by the guy who made A Dark Room and The Ensign, both of which are phenomenal if you haven’t heard of them. It’s about a circle’s journey through Flatland, and a big part is about jumping above obstacles because Flatland is 2 dimensional. I assumed you were referencing it when you said “That would explain how they can appear gradually out of nowhere like a sphere descending into Flatland” in a previous post.

Oh! It sounds like the game is referencing the same thing I was, namely the 1884 satirical novella “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” by Edwin Abbott Abbott (I guess one abbot wasn’t holy enough), under the pseudonym A. Square. It can be read here.

The former half of the book goes into detail about the social and biological structure of the (horizontally) two-dimensional world of Flatland, in a way that satirizes Victorian-era English culture, and the latter half details A. Sphere teaching the protagonist about the one-dimensional Lineland, zero-dimensional Pointland and, most importantly, the three-dimensional Spaceland.

Notably, two-dimensional beings see a horizontal line. That’s the extent of their visual input in Flatland, though they also have a sort of fog that gives them depth perception (much like we see a two-dimensional image and use perspective to determine distances along the third dimension). So when A. Sphere descends into Flatland, A. Square sees him as a line increasing in length, and through depth perception and touch, he determines A. Sphere to be a size-changing circle, a priest, the noblest of shapes.

(Similarly, there’s a scene where A. Square enters Lineland and is perceived as a series of points along the line.)

So when I brought up this scene from Flatland in relation to the tesseractids / dandelions, it was in the sense that these four-dimensional (or more) beings “descend” along the fourth dimension into the Wormverse’s three-dimensional section of four-dimensional space, and the portions that intersect that three-dimension space are perceived there as three-dimensional beings that seem to shift and change in ways that don’t seem to make sense for such a being. (…I hope that sentence made sense.)

Flatland is an interesting read, though without the context that it was satire of Victorian culture, which I only learned this morning, the in-depth information about the two-dimensional world’s social structure might get a bit tedious.

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