Between I11b-I11c

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darkstalkerreggie asked:

If you could have super powers what would they be?

picsthatmakeyougohmm answered:

The ability to refill everything. No money in bank? Fill it up! No gas in the tank? Fill it up! No knowledge of a certain problem? Fill your brain up! No love in your relationship? Fill it with love! You’re drowning? Fill your lungs with oxygen!

This ain’t a bad one.

One more point of interest: Word of God recently confirmed that Rollo wasn’t a dog. Wildbow never clarified what species exactly Rollo was, but fans theorise that it was a coyote.

Huh, that’s interesting. I guess “Rachel couldn’t tell the difference” is a better explanation than “the Dandelions couldn’t tell the difference”.

“This might be countered by Garnet’s future vision (the same way Tattletale seems immune or resistant to Imp’s power), or it might throw the future vision for a loop and make Garnet’s predictions less accurate.” Dinah’s future vision doesn’t seem to have any trouble with Tattletale.

Hm, that’s a good point, especially considering their variants of future vision are very similar.

Punch Rachel in snout to establish dominance!

Oh, but that’s for pigs and game pieces! With Rachel, you gotta kick her in the ear.

“This is the leader of one of the city’s top threats, right here.” I love how you managed to be completely wrong and yet also 100% correct at the same time.


Seriously, though, that was a great fakeout on Wildbow’s part. :p

That was a WONDERFUL “Oh for fuck’s sake.” 😀

Hehe, glad you enjoyed that :p

Knowing that some of Coil’s intel about the Slaughterhouse Nine was out of date, what else do you think might’ve changed about them in the interim?

I just reread the relevant section of 10.6, and I don’t see anything that really jumps out at me as far as this goes.

I do think it’s worth noting that I speculated at the time about the vacancy being outdated info, allowing for a surprise ninth member the Undersiders didn’t have intel on, but as it turns out, the vacancy is instead being used for much more interesting narrative purposes. 🙂

Insert Thy Dungeonman “Throw Baby” joke here

I hadn’t heard of Thy Dungeonman, so I looked it up and now I’m playing it.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to go back not Dennis.

I didn’t figure that out, but I accidentally refreshed the page, so I’m free now. Let’s see if there’s something less inescapable to the north.

[Thy Dungeonman]

You attempt to take ye ROPE but alas it is enchanted! It glows a mustard red and smells like a public privy. The ROPE wraps round your neck and hangs you from parapets. With your last breath, you wonder what parapets are.

Your score was: -1
Play again? [Y/N]


I don’t trust this trinket to the south.

> look trinket

[Thy Dungeonman]

Quit looking! Just get it already.

Fine, fine…

[Thy Dungeonman]

Ye getsts yon TRINKET and discover it to be a bauble. You rejoice at your good fortune. You shove the TRINKET in your pouchel. It kinda hurts.

Well, that could’ve gone worse.

Maybe Dennis would like this.

[Thy Dungeonman]

A novel idea! You givst the TRINKET to Dennis and he happily agrees to tell you what parapets are. With this new knowledge, ye escapes from yon dungeon in order to search for new dungeons and to remain…

You hath won! Congraturation!
Your score was: 4


But I didn’t find any babies to throw 😦

You are correct, blood dilutes yellow, cause of the blood plasma assumedly.


On the blood diluted in water is yellow, I believe you were thinking of what happens when you seperate diluted blood into its component. By the way the old ask-blog used to have an easy way to send pictures, but they new one doesn’t otherwise i’d have included an illustration, but if you google image search for “blood separation diluted in water” one should show up.

Ah, I see, so it’d need a little more processing, then, to turn yellow? Fair enough.

Jack is.. an EDGELORD

Pfft, yeah 😛

Purity needing light to recharge her power was shown way back in her interlude, but it’s been a while since then, so I’m not surprised that you don’t remember it.

Oh yeah, I suppose it does sound kinda familiar.

Theo said that he takes care of Aster, does his chores, and doesn’t talk back to Purity so he doesn’t make life harder for her. But way back during Purity’s interlude, she said that she actually wants Theo to give her smart-alec responses, to roll his eyes at her or to ignore her so he could watch TV, because she hates how Kaiser eroded all of Theo’s personality and assertiveness.

Ouch… His obedience becomes a constant reminder of the man who made him that way.

It’s sad.

Birthday anon here! Aaaaand here’s my favorite 9 member.

Good taste. 😉

Jack’s personality is a lot of fun. I like this sort of unrepentant villain with a sense of humor, enjoyment and charisma. Bakuda hit some of those same notes, too, back in Shell.

(Art by Cyrix, submitted by thats-rough-buddy.)

thats-rough-buddy: Here, have one of the Siberian art pieces. The other one that I like I couldn’t find a link to give:

Niice. I really like this. The long, wild hair in particular I find quite striking! The stripes are really well done, too, and the shading and blur effect are great. 🙂

Art by @st-just, submitted by cedeelbe.

This is really cool. It looks like it’s from a really neat AU or crossover, and while I can’t 100% identify it, I love the style of it.

All the Undersiders (not to mention the city, which is… apparently folded over itself?) look very good like this, but my favorite is unquestionably Tattletale. That coat and large hat are fantastic for her. 😀

So I spotted Sharks misspelling “Gru” as “Grue” while talking about this meme and whoops I tripped over my photo editing app

(#I’m guessing this has been done #i don’t care)

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