Fanart between I11f-I11g

Alright, so this enormous fanart dump was all submitted by HWIUM. Thank you!

I’ll be splitting the art up by artist like I’ve done a couple times in the past, and possibly leave some of it for the next ask day. There’s a lot of it!

By Matt-Lejeune-Art.

Skitter rocking that spider stance! And I’d read that magazine!

I particularly like the outfit designs, and Taylor’s pose. 🙂

By LinaLeeZ.

LinaLeeZ’s art keeps being really good! I love all of these – especially the designs, expressions and hair – but I think my favorite of this batch is this one:

For its sheer adorableness. :3

By Drunkfu.

Sometimes it seems like grayscale and monochrome are underrated, like people think not coloring is automatically “lazy”, but I don’t think laziness is the reason behind Drunkfu’s use of monochrome in the first three pieces here. It seems like a stylistic decision that I honestly rather like for these pieces.

(Supporting that, I think, is that even in the piece with more color, it’s fairly subdued.)

I will admit that it kinda looks like Tattletale and Skitter are in swimsuits of sorts in the third one, though. 😛 But maybe that’s more on me.

I think my favorite of these is the Leviathan one. The design is a big more spindly than I’ve seen from other artists, but it’s still quite threatening and I think the alien look of it adds to that rather than subtract from it. I like the double-jointed legs (I suppose his heels are technically at about Taylor’s shoulder height, and everything between that and his claws count as feet), too, that’s a neat touch. Also, Taylor being there for size comparisons adds a lot to the image.

(#should i be concerned by his bulge)

By Zhaomeng.

Some really cool art of the Triumvirate and two awesome ladies of Worm, MISS MLITIA and AI.EXND…A!

I really like the details here. Especially the use of cross-hatching to shade (most visible and certain in the group picture), which makes this feel very comic-esque – alongside the contents, of course.

Also I was not aware that Legend was secretly Dirk Strider with more hair gel. That’s pretty neat. :p

(#the personality doesn’t fit #but i’m not gonna let that stop me from joking about it)

By wolfofragnarok.

Oh hey, that name makes sense as a potentially Worm-inspired name now!

Anyway, the art.

This is some really awesome stuff right here! I would read the hell out of a Worm comic illustrated by this artist, especially if Lung and Bakuda (though this is – as explicitly pointed out in the filename – her non-Bomberman outfit, so it’s not how she would appear in Shell) would look as cool as they do here.

Also the floating chibi Scion gif is cute, I like that.

By dertodesbote.

I really love the mood the lighting and fog effects add to these already quite cool pieces!

I think my favorite of these is the first Mannequin one. 🙂

I think that’s enough fanart for today. We’ll get back to going through my backlog of awesome art next ask day. 🙂

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