Between 12.3-12.4

Y’know, when I started watching a video on the brony efforts in the great pixel war, I wasn’t expecting Parahumans to be mentioned by name by the narrator, or the written phrase “READ WORM!” to get a whole bunch of screentime. 🙂

It’s kinda neat to know that r/Parahumans had a presence on r/place. And right next to the most notable efforts of one of my other fandoms, at that!

r/place was pretty cool while it lasted. r/parahumans has its own history of alliances there too. Did you participate in the event or did you learn about it after the fact?

I wasn’t lucky enough to be aware of the event while it was ongoing, or to be involved enough on Reddit that I would’ve gotten the full experience if I had been. It was a really interesting social experiment, though, and the chaotic collage it became is a true tribute to the internet.


I was one of the first few people to contribute to the /r/Parahumans area of /r/place! Pretty late into the process, we actually touched on another of your fandoms: the ladybug was done in cooperation with /r/miraculousladybug.


I wish the SU fandom was better at keeping secrets, I don’t even interact with the fandom and I got spoiled, the episodes were only out for a day before my youtube got filled with video on those episode, including some with spoilery titles (even if I had been kind of expecting the twist it’s still annoying). Not everyone can watch the episodes as they come out people…

Yeah, sheesh.

And hell, it’s not even just the fandom, but Cartoon Network itself, what with the constant leaks. At least I’ve been able to avoid the current ones so far.

Whoever summarizes upcoming episodes is good, though, with episode synopses like “We finally see inside Steven’s bathroom.” and “Steven helps Pearl find her phone.”

Do you want to look back over the PRT power classification system and try to assign ratings to the characters, particularly the S9?

Let’s see…

  • Siberian is a Brute, what with her invincibility and resistance to any sort of force being applied to her, other than the ones from the Earth. (By the way, I like how “unstoppable object” extends logically from “immovable object” – she can’t be stopped because you can’t apply a force to slow her down.)
  • We know Jack used to be classified as a Nuker, in the overlap between a Shaker/Blaster. I see no reason to argue with that.
  • Burnscar is a Blaster/Mover. At least as long as teleporting counts as Moving.
  • Pinkie Pie is a Baker.
  • Mannequin is of course a Tinker, specialty biospheres. The extent to which his mannequin body can change shape might also qualify him for Changer.
  • Shatterbird is a high-level Blaster, perhaps with a small bit of Mover due to the way she uses her Blaster abilities on her outfit and would be able to use glass as a hoverboard.
  • Crawler is a Brute. Maybe also Changer, but it’s not something he can do at will, so it might not count.
  • Cherish is a Master.
  • And finally, Bonesaw is naturally a Tinker, specialty medical equipment and biotechnology.

Re: Taylor hearing better through her bugs while on drugs, I have a different theory- When Taylor was knocked unconscious from Bakuda’s bomb, her bugs kept doing what they were told to do before she passed out, namely surrounding her so the doctor had to wake her up to send the swarm away. She was ALSO trying to hear Grue, but the impact messed with her head and she couldn’t understand him. I think her power was trying to comprehend speech the whole time she was out, which is why it did so well.

Oooh. This is an interesting interpretation – I like it!

The Ork ask was a Warhammer 40K reference.

the ork ask was based on orks from 40k liking to custimize vehicle at a t totaly ridicule scale, to the point of which having aconversation of a vehicule from another army looted by orks is like a meme

Ork with a “k” at the end is for the ones from the Warhammer40K universe if I remember correctly. They’re big fans of big and heavy vehicles with lots of stuff and weaponry tacked on.

Ahh, I see. That’s neat!

Just to set things straight as to what is and isn’t confirmed, here’s the exact WoG about Gallant and Amy (which seems to be pretty non spolilery at this point): (1/3)

“Gallant knew, he was aware of where Amy was at and where she was going. He also knew that pushing her too hard or too fast would end in disaster. He gently raises the subject, she reacts badly, he backs off. She avoids him, he continues to act friendly in the hopes that when things start getting bad, she can get past her jealousy of him and reach out. He couldn’t read minds, but he could get enough of a sense of where she was emotionally to plot that out pretty damn well.” (2/3)

“He plants the seed, he offers his help, but then the city gets chaotic and busy and Amy is off helping people who were affected by Bakuda’s bombs and he’s patrolling the streets and off doing jobs and they only see each other in passing. Then Leviathan comes, and in Gallant’s last moment, he thinks of the girl he genuinely cares about and he has a flash of fear, a moment of regret that he didn’t leave a message somewhere to let someone know what was going on with Amy.” (3/3)

…what a good guy. Seriously.

Glory Girl may be shortsighted and judgmental from time to time, but at least she’s got good taste.

Rest in peace, Gallant.

[reblogging the ask about S9 classifications]

Actually, going back through the #prt classification tag, I’m reminded of the Breaker class:

Capes with the ‘breaker’ classification were generally those who had some ability to ‘break’ the natural laws of the universe as far as those laws applied to them.

That fits Siberian perfectly. She selectively breaks Newton’s second and third laws of motion.

(And possibly the first, considering it’s just a direct consequence of the second – this would allow her to start or stop moving without pushing against anything, essentially amounting to flight. We haven’t seen that from her, though. It’s more likely she can just ignore/cancel forces that are there, not move like she’s affected by a force that’s not there.)

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