Between 12.8-I12a

Menja, Ginormica, Mt. Lady and Opal. Giant woman free-for-all battle. Who would win?

I think my money is on Opal, since she has a bunch of other powers and a seriously powerful bow, with Menja in second (a.k.a. the winner if the extra powers disqualify Opal) because her power also reduces the effective size of incoming attacks, making her even more defended than your average giant woman.

So what happened to doing the asks on Tuesday?

A communication mishap caused me to get the asks a bit later than intended, too late to start answering them. I should’ve said something, sorry.

“Thank you all for being here, whether you’re among these 500 or not! I hope to make it worth it. :)” You’re welcome! And so far so good.


Pretty sure it was Slartibartfast who carved the coastlines of Norway, thank you very much. Though that’s not discounting the possibility that Andrew Hussie is a secret mouse.

“Maybe he carved away a bunch of the Norwegian coastline with a spoon.” And he managed to do it without disturbing those lovely crinkly edges that won an award for Slartibartfast.

Ahaha, that’s a good point!

Honestly, Andrew Hussie secretly being Slartibartfast isn’t all that far-fetched.

We don’t know anything about Iceland or New Orleans, but I can confirm (thanks to a single offhand reference later in the story) that Hawaii did get hit by Behemoth at some point in the probably-somewhat-recent past, though we don’t know the exact date. (Not quite sure where the spoiler line is, sorry if this crosses it.)

I’ve now made clear to Sharks that I would prefer not to know about info from future offhand references in advance. No worries, though, this is a fairly minor one as far as I can tell.

Honestly, though, spoiler or no spoiler, learning right now that Hawaii was indeed hit by what I’m 95% sure is the volcano Endbringer is quite appropriate.

Susan and Victoria could bond over their shared hobby: hitting people who anger them very hard with large blunt objects. (Not to mention, depending on the point in the timeline, the parallels with Ellen re: cute girl with an aura that may or may not make you bisexual …)

Hah, nice!

Ra: What makes it magic? It was a lately discovered, and fit a lot of the definitions of fantasy magic. To quote the main character: “-magic is the worst-named field of science in the world. It was a lousy, stupid nickname for some genuinely new physics, and it stuck, and now everybody hates the man who coined it. Including himself. Magic isn’t magic. It is a field of science.”. I’d also say that Ra is much *much* more sci-fi then fantasy.

Oh, and qntm (the author) is currently rewriting the ending of Ra.

Niice. I like that it’s addressed like this.

And apparently she’s not the only one who has it, either. Let’s not forget that tidbit.[here] I missed that tidbit.

It’s heavily implied by one of Shatterbird’s lines in her/Hookwolf’s Interlude:

“Guess the men who bought my power should ask for a refund.” [here]

By the sound of it, she’s either sold her power, most likely via Cauldron, or she bought the power from them herself. In the latter case, it’d be odd that she suggested other buyers should ask for a refund and not she herself, so I’m leaning towards the former.

“(I’m “Member of the Midnight Crew” in this screenshot.)” – I think you accidentally a word. I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be an “a” after “I’m” and before “Member”.

Heh. 😛

Well, not when “Member of the Midnight Crew” is a proper noun, a nickname.

But hey, I’m a night owl and a wise bird too. I suppose birds aren’t known for their grammar skills.

“Random 4 AM prediction: At some point there will be a character (if there isn’t one already) whose civilian name is Rose.” Check out Annette Rose Hebert.

(Apparently there were a lot of asks about this.)

Ooh, nice. That totally counts!

The Wheel of Time does not have a character named Rose, but the last queen of Manetheren was called Ellisande (Rose of the Sun) by her people.

Nice. It’s a little iffy as far as counting towards the Rose bouquet goes, but it works.

I suppose Rose is just too real a name for the setting. It’s not like you’re likely to run into people named Bob or Peter in the Westlands. Then again, we do have Mat(rim) Cauthon.

(#I know about the term ‘Randland’ for the setting but I don’t like it
#not unless you specifically need to refer to the entire planet including places like seanchan #the aiel waste #and shara)

“A bug flew in my eye and got trapped in my eyelid while I was nowhere near any kind of restroom to deal with it
I’m a little traumatised”
From someone’s tumblr post while I was scrolling through your response to asks.


I’m not sure how much you really touched on the reveal that Taylor fully intends to rebel against Coil once it becomes clear that he’s going back on the deal?

I didn’t really mention it because it didn’t feel like a reveal. We already knew she strongly dislikes him and has been contemplating the idea of saving Dinah by force. All this really does is make it clear that she believes she’s desperate enough to actually try if her current approach doesn’t work.

At this point, after Taylor has gone two Arcs spending every waking hour doing her best to save Dinah, that doesn’t really surprise me.

The biggest problem with it is that going against Coil means potentially breaking up what’s left of “the Undersiders”, since far from all of them are okay with the idea of such a rebellion. Which puts Taylor in a position where she’ll have to make another hard choice: Friends, or Dinah?

As it stands right now, I’m honestly not sure what she’d pick. If she picked Dinah, I think the Undersiders (possibly minus Bitch) would eventually come back together somehow, even if not together together as a team, but that’s a sidenote to the decision itself.

Make sure Krix knows that there are two interludes this arc 🙂

Oh, alright! 🙂

Yeah, I’d say Opal>Menja>Mt Lady>Ginormica. Opal has extra powers and limbs as well as experience, Menja is experienced, can shift her size and has extra protection from her power, Mt Lady can size shift and has training as a hero. Ginormica is clearly at a disadvantage here, she has less options tactically since she’s stuck in giant form and she’s basically a civilian with barely any combat experience.

Yeah, this sounds about right.

It’s also worth noting that Menja’s size shifting is more versatile than Mt. Lady’s, since according to the MHA wiki, Mt. Lady only has two sizes she can be: 1.62 m or 20.62 m. Menja can adjust her size gradually, which might come in handy. On the other hand, maybe this means Mt. Lady’s growth/shrinking is much faster, which could be used to hide and then suddenly grow to catch the enemy off-guard.

…so remember when I was discussing the Crystal Gems versus the Undersiders [here] a while back?

Well, what about the Crystal Gems versus the Slaughterhouse Nine? Or, well… just Shatterbird, honestly.

Amethyst is dead. Just fuckin’ dead, immediately. Shatterbird’s power works on her gem, which is made of the same material as glass, silicon dioxide.

The same goes for Jasper if she’s involved, and it might affect Peridot, Lapis (if she’s involved – I left her out last time) and/or Garnet (but not her components) depending on how purely silicon the materials need to be.

Connie and Steven may have their phones in their pockets, which could cause severe injuries.

Pearl might be able to counter Shatterbird’s sand control somewhat, though I doubt it. Pearl’s sand control seems to be significantly weaker.

But sand isn’t the Gems’ biggest problem (though it absolutely is one for Steven and Connie, who have actual flesh to tear at). It’s that they generally seem to be particularly weak to piercing and slashing damage, and there’s almost nothing Shatterbird does better than piercing damage. Garnet’s future vision would help her dodge, but there’s only so much that can help when you’re a big target.

The Gems’ best bet, unless she’s not involved or has been shattered from the get-go, is Lapis. It’s worth noting that her composition is the most complicated one, as lapis lazuli isn’t a crystal, so if more non-silicon elements being involved reduces the efficiency of Shatterbird’s power, she’s less likely to be shattered than Peridot or Garnet (and Garnet is a special case since we don’t know whether her composition is that of garnet or those of a ruby and a sapphire).

But there are reasons I left Lapis out last time. She’s not a Crystal Gem, just affiliated with them, and she’s hella overpowered as long as she’s in her element. Lapis is on par with Leviathan, maybe even stronger. She’s capable of draining the ocean and making a tower to space out of its water. If she’s involved, survives the initial Shattering, and there’s water around, she can easily sweep away Shatterbird and all her glass.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you don’t even need the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine here. Unless they have Lapis on board, the Gems are almost certainly fucked.

Hell, Shatterbird could probably take on a whole Homeworld army, since they’re primarily made of Quartzes like Amethyst and Jasper. She’d still have the Rubies to deal with, but that’s not that difficult, especially with the shards of the Quartzes lying around to be weaponized.




oh god what if Shatterbird’s silicon control means that she can control relevant gems as zombies

Hmm… Fun, delightfully horrifying idea, but it seems unlikely unless she’s able to manipulate the brain-like functionality of the gems, which seems a bit too subtle for Shatterbird. After all, the bodies of the Gems consist of hard light, not whatever their gem is made of.

(Incidentally, I don’t think Shatterbird would be able to shatter Peridot’s visor, because it’s part of the hard light projection that makes up her body.)

Though there is a case to be made for her making use of the lingering partial consciousness and powers in the shards.

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