Between 14.1-14.2

It is possible that Armsmaster’s relevance in the Interlude was a mix of misdirection and natural result of the focus on the PRT, but I doubt it.

For one thing, assuming Armsmaster has his armor and especially his Halberd, Amy is way easier prey. Armsmaster is way more likely to actually stay alive from Cherish bringing up the prey to the Undersiders heading out.

As long as he hasn’t stopped running to fight her yet, that is.

I do wonder what Amy would sense if she tried to use her power on Monochrome Siberian.

Siberian is supposedly immune to powers, so she might not think too much of it if she sensed nothing, but there is some interesting middle ground.


[Image description: Tweet with the caption “Go, Brian.” and an image of a news headline that says “Human brian is still evolving, says scientist”.]

Well, this tweet (from last night my time) sure seems appropriate to the events I just passed in Worm. 😛

(#seriously though why would they think it *stopped* evolving)

Any new thoughts on the Siberian Bonesaw relationship?

Ehh. I guess this means Siberian’s affection for Bonesaw might count as paternal rather than maternal, but beyond that…

I mean, when it comes to the other option, this changes just about nothing. It’d be just as pedophilic if Siberian had a vagina as if they had a dick. (Incidentally, she apparently doesn’t, unless manifesting genitals takes more power for some reason.) The one thing it does change is whether they’d be able to make Bonesaw pregnant.

This does make me think, though – does Bonesaw know? Has she installed her protections on Siberian’s real body?

Also, I suppose there is the more wholesome possibility that Siberian actually is Bonesaw’s biological parent. I don’t see a connection between their powers, though, so I doubt it.

“Slå på ring …”—Is this Norwegian hot potato or something? I understood most of the words, but I have no idea what it actually means.

I put a short explanation in the tags of that post [here], but I can’t blame anyone for missing that.

You’re on sort of the right track, but it’s not hot potato, it’s a Norwegian variant of duck duck goose.

Strike on ring, strike on ring
Strike whoever you want
Strike your boy-/girlfriend* if you want
The one you strike, you strike so hard, so hard, so hard…

The ring in question is the one the players sit in. One player walks around the ring as the people in it sing this. They repeat the bit that means “so hard” until the person on the outside hits someone in the back, who then has to get up and try to catch the first person before they make it around and sit down in the newly opened spot.


So technically, this is a children’s song about violence. Fun!

(#*these are one word in norwegian)

Hey Krix – count how many numbers were listed when the book pages were read off. Then count how many people should have been in the room.


Aisha, what are you doing this time?

So, what’s your best guess as to who picked which page number in 14.1? Also, any speculations on what this big secret that’s worthy of the 325 is? Remember that’s pretty close to “someone here would kill you and the rest would be okay with it” level. What do you think someone in the Undertravelers might be hiding that’s bad?

Well, I was pretty sure the 26 was Aisha, but it seems she’s snuck out at some point.

I suppose it could’ve been someone else who didn’t cooperate (such as Bitch), but I feel like Lisa would’ve probably prompted the person in a way Taylor would’ve heard.

Another possibility is that Lisa herself didn’t participate, I suppose. Which would raise the question of why. She seemed more than fine going through with talking to Cherish, so I doubt it’s that she has her own 300+ she didn’t want to let people know about.

Anyway, to the question. Let’s assume Aisha fucked off for some reason (or just remained unnoticeable during literature club) and look at the rest of them.

  • 26: Bitch, who seems to have the least interest in secrecy besides Imp. She doesn’t even keep her identity secret, and I feel like that’s saying something about her general approach to such things.
  • 122, 140, 141, 155: By process of elimination, Grue, Sundancer, Ballistic and Genesis, in no particular order. (Though it might be something like that one.)
  • 160: Confirmed Skitter.
  • 175: Tattletale, perhaps. She may not have a 300+, but I’ve been getting the sense that she has Secrets™ recently.
  • 222: Confirmed Regent.
  • The big 325: All signs point to Trickster. Especially considering he pretty much answered Tattletale’s question about the Travelers being fine with the Undersiders finding out stuff but not the other Travelers – heavily implied to be specifically about the 325 – all alone.

I’m thinking the 325 probably has something big to do with the Travelers’ backstory. It’s very possible that Trickster (or whoever else has this one) is personally responsible for getting them all in trouble – possibly with Cauldron – but hasn’t told them, maybe even deliberately letting the common threat keep them together so he’d have allies that could protect him.

Alternatively, it might have to do with Noelle. I believe there have been implications that Trickster feels guilty / Noelle might blame him to some extent. Maybe the 325 is that yes, it is his fault? He doesn’t seem to act like he’s hiding that he actually knows the cause, though, and he’d probably be able to trust Coil with that information.

“I forgot Aisha” Of course.

Yeah. 😛

Introducing Imp to the team late and without us getting to see her joining the team was the best thing that could happen with a character with her power. It makes it so much easier for the reader to forget her while listing the Undersiders in their head, at least for a while, and as such she easily slips out much like she does for the people around her. It immerses the reader in the way her power affects people!

I think you are still underestimating Siberian. Remember that Leviathan hit Alexandria directly several times during his arc, but all that happened was that she got knocked around with no actual injuries. When Siberian hit Alexandria with a glancing blow, her eye-socket shattered as effortlessly as anything else Siberian attacks. Leviathan also got knocked down by Alexandria, while Siberian no-sells her attacks. Leviathan is only more dangerous because he is harder to dodge and hit more people.

Yeah, sheesh.

Monochrome Siberian really is not to be trifled with, and while it’s certainly not as ridiculously powerful, I’m not sure their real body is as defenseless as it might seem.

Oh, and re: “Leviathan also got knocked down by Alexandria” – that was awesome. Let’s have a moment of appreciation for the woman who wrestled an Endbringer and survived.

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