Between 14.4-14.5

My Little Boney, My Little Boney
Ahh ahh ahh ahh…
My Little Boney!

I used to wonder what my flesh could be
(My Little Boney)
Until Bonesaw shared its magic with me

Big adventure, tons of fun
Her beautiful art, pow’rful and strong
Sharing kidneys, it’s an easy feat
And Amy makes it all complete!
You have myyy (My Little Boney)

Do you know you’re all my very best wooooorks?

(#this all sprang out from ‘sharing kidneys’
#i’m sorry
#no i’m not)

Shark’s comment made me doubt myself so I went to check. “Doing the wrong things for the right reasons” appear in Wildbow’s about page on the parahuman site, and when you go on topwebfiction the mouseover text on the link of Worm says “Worm: Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons”.

This is the official Worm banner on TopWebFiction, a rating of inline fiction dominated by Wildbow’s works. Vote for it if you like it! Anyway, this is where “doing wrong things for the right reasons” come from



That’s a pretty cool piece of Taylor art, too!

You giving a shoutout to Quow was apparently just the little push they needed to restart their liveblog after some of the problem they’d been having got solved. So… thanks for that, Pact is a personnal favorite and it doesn’t get enough love.

Huh, neat! I’m glad I found them when I did, then. 🙂

Re: the song idea, it’s something I’ve been thinking about just a little bit (only enough to come up with the details I gave you). It’s not *intended* as a shipping song, so much as a song about all her problems and hopes, and how she’s been resting them on one person who may not actually live up to Amy’s image of her.

Ah, I see. I like what you’ve got so far, so I think you might have a pretty good fansong on your hands if you keep it up. 🙂

(And yeah, Victoria’s a bit of a dick at times, and quite rash.)

The best name for villain Amy I’ve heard is Pandemic.

Oh fuck yes, that’s awesome. 😀

It’s just a really cool word in its own right and it ties in very nicely with her hero name through “Pan”.

So Krixwell, before Taylor does it, what would you name the giant flying bug of doom, Nightmare of Clockblocker, murderous Cousin of Aragog? Erm, I of course mean the totally safe cuddle-bug Taylor now has 🙂

Honestly? If it were me, there’s legitimately a decent chance I’d go with Buzz Aldrin or something silly like that. Perhaps Buzter. Or Beetle Bailey (maybe just Bailey to make it a little less obvious).

Or Billy, adding a bit of bilingual punmanship into it (the Norwegian word for “beetle” is “bille”… also Billy is the Norwegian name of Beetle Bailey and I just realized why).

If I were to be metaphysically constrained by the tone of Worm, though… hm… I suppose Billy might fit in (much like the gay Lily), but other than that… maybe Cole? For Coleoptera, the order of beetles?

And then Cole can become the Source of All Evil and be all conflicted about good and evil and love and edginess and stuff. All par for the course with that name.

I’ve seen some really interesting fan speculation that Brian’s version of the Siberian was based on his dad, and Taylor just didn’t recognize that because he resembles his dad. She did note that it looked a bit different aside from just being monochrome’d.

Ooh, that’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure why it’d go specifically for his dad, but it’s not like the power had the loss-related trigger event to work with.

I suppose it’s possible the power gives the wielder subconscious control over who it looks like and Brian’s brain wanted someone he associated with strength.

Huh, I was picturing Regent more, like, drawing the letters with his finger in the bugs.

That would work too, and it’s possible you’re right, but it’d be way slower than a swipe-enabled bug keyboard.

Then again, the latter also requires more thought on Taylor’s part to interpret the swipes.

“I didn’t miss the Monochrome getting the real body out of the crater, did I?” Uh, yes you did. When the Monochrome Siberian jumped out of the pit at the end of 14.3, she was carrying the truck. I think it’s safe to assume her real body was still in the truck.

Ahh, right. Fair enough!

The vision Taylor has of Lisa as cult leader while she’s talking to Amy in 14.3 shows some mental disconnect, doesn’t it? After all, there is a person there who already left her family, joined a villain gang and poured all her strength and resources into it, doing it mostly due to Lisa’s influence and manipulation… and it’s not Amy.

Fuck. Yes, there is.

Taylor just never realized Lisa was doing it to her while she was doing it, because Taylor was preoccupied with keeping her secret and such. And Lisa never made it quite as blatant with Taylor, since she too had to keep Taylor’s secret.

And I suppose it never truly sank in for Taylor just how much Lisa was responsible for after she admitted it in 8.8.

In her interlude, Piggot said she was dropping Bakuda’s bombs only after dropping the normal incendiary explosives.

Krix I think you’ve forgotten it was mentioned in The director Piggot interlude, first the PRT is gonna firebomb the area than after that they’re gonna drop the Bakuda bombs they still have

Ah. Yeah, I did forget that.

It doesn’t really change all that much. The regular explosives are still dangerous; this just means they’ve got a little more time to escape the blast zone before shit like black holes and portals to Homeworld and timeless zones, etcetera, starts popping up.

“This is really awesome. I’d like to see fanart of this!“ Ask and you shall receive!

 Art is by Scarfgirl and as a cool bonus is designed so that it can easily be turned into a fridge magnet.


Also by Scarfgirl, here’s a lineup of all the undersiders dog and giant beetle included


(Sharks mentioned there was a third image that wouldn’t load for her.)

Sweet! I really like scarfgirl’s cartoonish chibi style. They all look really fun like this! 😀

The beetle (Bailey, until I learn his actual name) looks fantastic in both drawings. I love the combination of a high level of detail on a freakish-looking insectoid and the fun chibi styling.

While Taylor leaving Tom to die and lying to Sundancer about innocents are not comparable to Piggot’s dick move in terms of intent, do you agree that Taylor judges others way more harshly than herself when there are Things To Be Done™? I cannot help but to contrast lying to Sundancer for a better attack on the nine to her being unwilling to not warn people while rescuing Brian for a better attack on the nine. I wonder if she would have been ok with it had she been in Tricksters shoes?

Oh, absolutely. She’s been doing that from the start. I’m pretty sure she would, for instance, be way less okay with what she did to Clockblocker at the bank robbery if it had been one of the others who did it.

Also I didn’t realize she’d lied to Sunny, but looking back, there are inconsistencies that suggest it.

[reblogging the ask about Regent drawing the letters one by one]

Okay, rereading the section, it does look like the asker was right here. This would explain why Taylor placed the bugs in a square. I think I just got confused by that at the time.

Can you give us an update which of the powers you have seen so far you would like the most in the normal world? While I think flying around with Alexandria’s or Eidolon’s power would lead to many uncomfortable questions, there are many more. I personally would like Taylor’s power, just so I can tell the mosquitoes to fuck off in the summer 🙂

Heh, that does sound like a good use of the power, although I’d rather not be perpetually aware of all the bugs around me.


Coil’s power is pretty damn good, but Vista’s might be more useful in the day-to-day.

I mean, your glass is just far enough out of reach that you have to get out of your chair to get it? No it isn’t. The kitchen is farther away than you feel like walking? No it isn’t. Something’s blocking the way to where you want? No it isn’t. The shelf is way too high up for you to reach the sugar? No. It. Isn’t.

[reblogging the “My Little Boney” post]

I just realized I removed the one reference to vital organs that was already in the original lyrics.

(#a beautiful heart faithful and strong)

[reblog of a Tumblr post]


she wears short skirts, i leave a slime trail
she’s cheer captain and i’m just a


[reblog] elodieunderglass:

Every time I see this I just quietly message it to a selection of people who are Never Grateful Enough

Gregor x Victoria confirmed

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